Patti LaBelle Sued by Roseanna Monk for Hurling Curses & Water Bottle During Altercation

Patti LaBelle sued by Roseanna Monk for hurling curses & water bottle at woman & her toddler during altercation in Manhattan apartment building lobby.

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Patti LaBelle Sued by Roseanna Monk (Wikipedia)

R&B legend Patti LaBelle is in the news again, this time, for hurling curses and a half bottle of water at a Roseanna Monk and her 18 month-old-daughter after an altercation over parenting in an apartment building lobby, the lawsuit alleges. This dust-up reportedly occurred in a Manhattan apartment building where Miss LaBelle stayed during her stint on Broadway in “Fela!” last year. Um, Mrs. Monk and her husband live in an apartment building where Ms. LaBelle stayed, on a teacher’s salary? Roseanne Monk seems to have a bad attitude and they won’t say what the child really did. The word is that no-one in Miss Patti’s inner circle have ever heard her use the word c*nt. Oooh, the overbearing black woman attacking the poor white kindergarten teacher. Give me a break.

He said LaBelle chastised Roseanna Monk for letting the toddler take some steps away from the mother as she grappled with some luggage and a car seat in the building’s lobby on the afternoon of Nov. 11, 2010. After Monk scooped up the child and told LaBelle it was none of her business, the singer threw water on them from a bottle she was carrying and then launched into an obscenity-filled tirade, her lawyer, Samuel L. Davis, said. When the child started wailing, Roseanna Monk made a remark to LaBelle, and the singer charged at her and tried to hit her, Davis said. Source

I find it highly suspect that Patti LaBelle is accused of coming after this woman and her child to the point where the child threw up and is having sleep disorders. Give me a break. Here’s an excerpt from the NY Post, “the Lady Marmalade singer’s tirade frightened 18-month-old Genevieve Monk so badly she suffered “personality changes, sleep disorder” and “increased fear of strangers,” her family says in the Manhattan Supreme Court suit. Really? That’s where they lost me. Is this all about race?  Sorry, but there has to be more to this story. Patt LaBelle wouldn’t just come at this woman like that. I don’t buy it one bit. Anybody can file a lawsuit in this country. How it plays out in court is the most important issue.

You will recall Patti LaBelle was sued by West Point cadet Richard King in June of this year. Either Patti LaBelle is getting a bad rap or she’s losing it, if the allegations are true. Surely she realizes that she an icon and should act as such. Patti, people won’t buy your products or patronize you for such hood behavior, if the plaintiffs prevail in these lawsuits against you. I will reserve judgment until the case is litigated or settled, which ever comes first. Ever since Patti LaBelle divorced her husband, Armstead Edwards, her career has not been the same. I am one of her biggest fans, but I won’t support her if her diva-like behavior is substantiated in court.

In closing, this happened last fall, why was the lawsuit just filed? Is this another money grab? If this was an ordinary citizen who got into a verbal altercation with Roseanna Monk, would she have filed a lawsuit? Affluence is often a game-changer, isn’t it? If true, Patti LaBelle needs to stop acting like a diva. Patti LaBelle has raised her biological child Zuri, adopted two other boys and raised her sister’s kids. She seems to have been a good mother and yes, my mother doesn’t like to see a spoiled brat acting out in public either. She would have said something to that woman about her child too. I am tired of some of these people not being able to control their little kids. So what if this woman is a teacher? We have teachers who can’t control the students in their classes. What’s up with the cancer donation? Does the child have cancer? Money grab! Roseanna Monk, get your parenting skills under control.

  • Hey, been a long time. Your site looks great. We realize that this mother probably does want money now that she knows who Patti is. We don’t believe the child is scarred for life because of this so the allegations of this seem farfetched. What we can say is: this is the second case to come up recently of Patti allegedly acting like a ‘diva’ on people. The news did report that Patti and her attorneys allegedly ignored the case when it was first filed. This may explain the delay.  We have covered a lot on her this year with other issues so we are not fans anymore. Frankly, we were turned off before these cases and now realizing this may be something coming back to haunt her. We just pray if all of it is true, she deals with it as a Christian as she states she is.

    • Ms. Alexandryte — We have one more template change coming in the next few weeks. That’s the permanent template. Moving is hard work, but well worth it!

      As for Miss Patti, ever since she parted ways with her ex-husband her career has not been the same. There was a time when you didn’t hear any negative press about her. Seems to me the people around her aren’t looking out for her best interest or she has some diva-ish ways that need to be tamed. Patti is a legend, but I am getting a little tired of hearing about these dust-ups in the news.

      I am a big fan of her, but quite frankly, I am getting a little Patti-malaise. Maybe she needs to just fade into the background for a while until she gets it together. I still say her son, Zuri, isn’t the best person to manage her career. I wonder what happened to her two adopted sons — Dodd and his brother. There was a time when you heard about them when she was featured in stories. That’s been a long time and I wonder what happened with their relationship. I recall her saying that she didn’t pay her last sister much attention until it was too late and she died from cancer. I wonder if Patti had a diva-ish streak all along and her husband kept it together when he managed her. Still, she’s a one-of-a-king singer, but she shouldn’t go out like that.

      Remember Luther Vandross, Anita Baker, Dionne Warwick & Whitney Houston have some really diva-ish ways.