Rush Limbaugh’s Latest Smear Against First Lady Michelle Obama: “The First Linebacker”

Rush Limbaugh smears First Lady Michelle Obama, calling her “The First Linebacker” in a low-blow.

Rush Limbaugh calls First Lady Michelle Obama “The First Linebacker” in another low blow. Um, a few choice words come to mind just looking at this rich POS.  This pharmacy hopping, Viagra popping fool is the last person who should be hurling names at others. Just look at him! It is totally disrespectful for him to call Mrs. Obama “the first linebacker.”

(H/T Media Matters)

  • Wow Janet – on the important issue of educational funding and taxation the only thing you got out of the story was “Line Backer”?

    Why doesn’t Media Matters monitor “Black Wing talk radio” to report on what they say about Herman Cain?

  • Cathy

    Rush is a fat, drug loving half deaf racist and I don’t listen to him.  I hear about him from media. People need to stop giving this sicko their time.