Newly Uncovered Videos, Letter Show GOP Presidential Hopeful Ron Paul Promoting Racist Newsletters

Newly Uncovered Videos, Letter Show GOP Presidential Hopeful Ron Paul Promoting Racist Newsletters Earlier Than He Claimed to Have Known About Them.

I really didn’t plan to write about GOP presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul, but his racist newsletters, but this is a hot mess that I just can’t ignore. I have always felt that Ron Paul and his son, Rand Paul, are two wingnuts. As they say, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Back to the issue of the newsletters — I am still amazed that this issue flew under the radar during the 2008 presidential campaign. He was a candidate, though, no-one really took him serious then, but the slate of Republican candidates is so bad that someone with connections to racist rhetoric is a front-runner in Iowa. That’s just bad and the Republicans ought to be worried.

Ron Paul seems to have forgotten that once a conversation is recorded, it’s out there for life. He has long denied having any knowledge of what was published in the racist newsletters sent in his name until 10 years ago, but newly resurfaced videos show him promoting those newsletters much earlier. This is all coming from the same person who wrote a letter in 1993 warning of a “coming race war.” If this is the best the Republican Party has to offer, a throwback to the dark days in America’s history, then they are in worst shape than we all thought.

Read The New Republic’s collection of Ron Paul’s racist newsletters:

  • Anonymous

    This is some nasty shyt.  It would seem that these racist and homophobic articles written under the auspices of Ron Paul would be enough to disqualify him as a presidential candidate.   But, we are learning that the GOP have no shame…

    peace, Villager

    • Villager — Nasty indeed. As you rightly stated, the very thought of racist behavior would have been enough to disqualify any candidate for higher office. Well, the Republican brand has become synonymous with racist rhetoric. That’s evident from the rise of the Tea Party. Shameful. Still Ron Paul won’t get the nomination. That I am sure of.

    • Hotcakes224

      Your comment is a joke and for you to buy into janet shans poor reporting on Ron Paul if you want proof Ron Paul is not a racist check this a youtube video called The compassion of Dr. ron paul. shows a black man who had a white wife in the 70s and dr ron paul is the only dr who help his wife with her pregnancy. others refused to help because he was married to white women. then he took care of the bill for the man. Yeah you need to do your own research dont buy into janet shan the biggest liar on the net

      • Hotcakes224 — Yeah, Ron Paul suddenly pulls a black man out of his back pocket when he’s accused of signing off on racist articles in his newsletters. Spin it any way you want, he won’t be the GOP presidential nominee.

  • Hotcakes224

    This is insane i mean Janet has no idea what she is talking about and furthermore if she had real poll numbers not the ones the mainstream passes off as fact she would see ron paul is a front runner in iowa. of course i dont expect much from a left wing nutcase who thinks every white person is racist and doesnt have the skill of a real reporter. first off a real reporter doesnt take sides they report facts. second you dont report facts at all and if you think ron paul is a wingnut well i guess your against freedom because his biggest view is keeping the constitution and bill of rights alive and fighting those who would destroy it so there it is. your a left wing nut with probable communist ties as well and it wouldnt suprise me if you take this post down because you wont debate anyone who has facts and you keep posts of those who agree with your insane ideas and throw out and dissent.

  • Hotcakes224

    And why cant people see that the majority of both major parties is corrupt to the core and only a few politicians on both sides are the real deal. all this dems are bad GOP is good and vise versa is nothing but crap and thats what the establisment wants ppl to fight about instead of asking the important questions and demanding real answers from our government and media. people need to know that the elected officials are supposed to serve us and i dont think it should be hard for the people to ask their government to be accountable for their actions.

  • Hotcakes224

    Now if anyone wants to debate me im here as long as they think for themself and is not a puppet for this website. Of course i know im asking alot there….. Have a nice day everyone Ron Paul 2012

  • Hotcakes224

    Ive had a chance to look over some articles on the so called racist ron paul. all i have to say is since when is reporting facts racist ues there were whites pulled out of cars and beat that is a fact there is video of that so reporting that is not racist at all its facts. and since when does a white supremacist racist as this article makes ron paul out to be defend korean shops who were looted. to my knowledge no white supremacist would defend a korean because they are not white. so the proof this article is bogus is in the so called “facts” that have been linked on this page and as far as the youtube video there is nothing in it to suggest race at all its about him being a dr and a congressman and someone who loves freedom and the constitution. Even the mainstream media would laugh at this and they are so corrupt its not even funny. i guess you outdid youself on this one Janet