Protest Planned at New Destiny Church Over Selection of Paula White as Successor to Zachery Tims

Protest planned at New Destiny Church over alleged selection of Paula White as successor to Zachery Tims and not his ex-wife Riva Tims, who helped to start the church.

More infighting at New Destiny Christian Center over the apparent selection of gold-digger Paula White as the successor to the late Zachery Tims. A group loyal to Riva Tims, his ex-wife, plan to protest outside the church tonight. Paula White is a Christian gold-digger.

Jerelen Jackson, who joined New Destiny in 2002, said current and former members of the megachurch in Apopka are upset that the church’s board refused to consider Riva, who co-founded the church with her husband in 1996. Riva and Zachery divorced in 2008 and Riva became pastor of her own church, Majestic Life Church in Lockhart, in 2009.

New Destiny plans to announce the church’s new leader Jan. 1. But last Sunday the congregation was surveyed by church leaders about whether they wanted Paula White to take over. No other name was offered for approval. White is pastor of Without Walls International Church in Tampa. Source

It’s about to get ugly. I don’t know how Paula White pushed herself in the middle of this? Can she truly pastor a black megachurch? I don’t think so and church members will start leaving in droves. Paula White is only in this for Paula White. Not for the members of New Destiny. To the members of New Destiny, Paula White likes the finer things in life, so get ready to see her live the high life off you.

UPDATE#1: Apparently Paula White refuses to speak with Riva Tims, co-founder of New Destiny. Who put Paula White on a pedestal? The church board is making a very grave mistake and this is an injustice to Riva Tims. Here is Riva Tims statement posted on her Facebook page:

Protest Planned at New Destiny Church Over Selection of Paula White as Successor to Zachery Tims (Facebook)

So, let me get this straight, Paula White swoops in and cons the board at New Destiny, who basically didn’t even have the decency to speak with Riva Tims, who co-founded the church and whose children have a claim and stake in what goes on at the church? Had there been no Riva Tims, there would have been no New Destiny for the board, as well as Paula White to con her way into the senior pastor position. I would imagine Riva Tims would have known if her husband wanted Paula White to be his successor. This is just plain wrong, but as I said before, I have never heard of a white pastor leading a black megachurch. Paula White is going to use this church to make up for the mess she created at the church she founded with Randy White. This is a disgrace.

  • Pelmo

    To me all those mega churches and high profiled preachers are nothing more then con artists that fleece the flock. I for one hope there is a special place in hell for all of them. I always believd that Christ said “give your riches to the poor, and follow me” and not let’s see how much money we can make off of them.