Riva Tims to Sue New Destiny Over Appointment of Paula White as New Senior Pastor

Riva Tims to sue New Destiny Christian Center over choice of Paula White to lead the megachurch as new senior pastor even though the church law states she’s the rightful leader.

Riva Tims to Sue New Destiny Over Appointment of Paula White as New Senior Pastor (CFN News 13)

The drama continues to unfold at New Destiny Christian Center, the megachurch Zachery Tims and his then-wife Riva Tims built. The church board has announced that Paula White, the “Christian gold-digger,” is now the pastor. Um, I’d love to see a white pastor lead a black megachurch.  Thanks to our friends over at A Toast 2 Wealth for giving us the heads-up on this lawsuit soon-to-be filed by Riva Tims.

At a Thursday morning news conference, Tims said she will “no longer be silent” over who the church’s board members chose to replace Zachary Tims.

“The board has refused to meet with me,” Riva Tims said. “They have refused to meet with me with in any capacity, and so has Pastor Paula White.”

Robert Gibson, Riva Tims’ attorney, said, “There are several counts concerning the board, concerning Paula White and the activity the board has taken which we feel is illegal.”

Gibson also said that Riva Tims is the legal and rightful air to the church according to law. Source

I don’t blame Riva Tims one bit. Fight for what’s rightfully yours and your children. What ever happened to the church Paula White built with Randy White? She’s just slinking around trying to find some gullible people to sink her hooks into. The church board at New Destiny sold out Riva Tims. Shameful. Black folks throwing one of their own under a bus and for what?

Has anyone stopped to ask what Paula White’s true intentions are? Believe me, she isn’t so pure of heart and in spirit as she would have people believe. I can imagine how much money New Destiny is paying her. Riva Tims should get an injunction to stop Paula White from ever setting foot into that church as its senior pastor. She has to protect the church family and her kids.

  • S Alexandryte

    You are so right! PW has some other interests in wanting to take a church that, according to some, she did not have a relationship with Zachery Tims for years before. What a shame! We know God will work it out for Riva Tims.

    • S Alexandryte — Now the church is saying Ms. Tims signed over her rights to the church when she and Zachery Tims divorced. This is about to become pretty messy. One thing I know is that Paula White shouldn’t be allowed to get her hooks into the church. Golddigger.

      • Rkhbham

        you can not call PW a gold digger.  she gave td jakes a rolls royce for his birthday last year. How many Black folks gave any body a rolls royce????