Al Jazeera: San Salvador Being Ravaged by Street Gangs With Between 10-15 People Murdered Daily

I never really stopped to think about life in El Salvador and I was taken aback when I read an article about the gang violence in capital city San Salvador. It is a sad commentary that such a place that’s filled with so much history is literally falling apart due to gang activity.

Gang violence is one of the defining features of life in El Salvador today. In the capital alone, a city with a population of around two million, between 10 and 15 people are murdered daily: at least half of these deaths are gang-related and, in a climate of impunity, rarely is anyone caught.

“Life is worth nothing in this country,” Father Antonio says. “There is so much impunity. Killing someone is like killing a chicken.”

‘Padre Toño’, as Father Antonio is known, is one of many whose lives are affected by the violence. But he is also one of the few prepared to work with the gang members; seeing them not just as criminals, but as victims of a divided society. Source: Al Jazeera