Austin Rogers, Hope McKenzie Killed in Three-Car Accident in Gwinnett County GA

Austin Rogers, Hope McKenzie Killed in Three-Car Accident in Gwinnett County GA (Facebook)

Austin Rogers and Hope McKenzie were reportedly killed in a three-car accident Saturday night in Gwinnett County, Ga. Police said alcohol played a role in the accident that left the 17 year old driver and 20 year old passenger dead, as well as a third passenger injured. Two other people in another vehicle suffered minor injuries. There was fog around metro Atlanta due to heavy rains last night.

The accident happened at about 10 p.m. on Webb Gin House Road near Bennett Road. According to 11 Alive News, the driver sideswiped another car, then hit the third car head-one. There is a RIP Hope McKenzie Facebook page up, as well as the Twitter hashtag #RIPHopeMcKenzie in memory of Hope McKenzie and #RIPAustinRogers for Austin Rogers. From my research, it seems Hope McKenzie was a student at Grayson High School. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of both young people.

The best advice one can take from this tragedy is don’t drink and drive. That is a dangerous combination that most often has deadly consequences. We are in no way saying Hope McKenzie or Austin Rogers were drinking and caused the accident. There were three vehicles involved and the police said alcohol played a role in this tragedy. Again, the lesson to whomever was drinking is that it can have disastrous effects and innocent lives can be lost, as was the case.

  • Chrisguinn91

    rip Austin u will be missed

  • Alexandriaking22

    austin will be missed by many… i love you bro! may you rest in peace, you many not be with us anymore but may you stay in our hearts forever </3

  • Funboy

    Yay, you’re dead!

    Smile! You were on camera!

  • I urge the gazette to stop calling DUI crashes/fatalities “accidents”   it’s a violent crime that doesnt get treated as such because the police, press, judge, jury & attorney call this an “accident”.    

    I’m going down the highway and my tire blows & I wreck– that is an accident.  an unforeseen event that could not have been prevented.

    I’m pretty sure everyone on the planet knows if you drink & drive–  there is the risk of a crash.   it’s just most people dont think ‘it’  will happen to them.

    also,  it’s highly insulting to those of us who have lost a loved one to a drunk driver,   to call it an accident.   get with the times please.

    thank you
    Pam,  mother of a dead child named Kelli.  

  • Cathcam518

    I imagine you are all aware by now that the “alcohol involved in the accident” was related to a driver who was found to be driving under the influence but was not responsible for the accident.  
    Hope McKenzie (the teen driver who died in the accident) was not under the influence.  I think it is very unfortunate the way that this story was publicized as it led readers to believe that she had been drinking.