One Dead, One Wounded in House Party Shooting in Roswell, Ga.

House Party Shooting:  Ladell Deon Crumpton, 31, was killed and another wounded in a shooting at a house party in Roswell, Ga., early Sunday morning. The police said said someone knocked on the door at the Concepts Apartments on Old Holcomb Bridge Way in Roswell just after midnight and began shooting into the party as soon as the door was opened, WSB-TV reports. Ladell Deon Crumpton, who opened the door, died after being shot in the neck.

There is a really disturbing element moving into North Fulton County via apartments. Gun violence was virtually unheard of in Roswell, Ga., and other cities in North Fulton county. This is changing slowly but surely. Not a day goes by when you don’t hear about break-ins in this mostly affluent section of metro Atlanta.

Police said the gunman was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and his face was covered. In other words, they don’t have a clue who they are dealing with and looking for. This thug will still be roaming the streets.