GA GOP State Rep. Judy Manning “Afraid of Mitt Romney’s Mormon Faith, Better than a Muslim”

GA GOP State Rep. Judy Manning "Afraid of Mitt Romney's Mormon Faith, Better than a Muslim"

Georgia GOP state Rep. Judy Manning just showed Americans how bigoted she is. She is supporting Newt Gingrich because she is afraid of Mitt Romney being a Mormon, saying he’s “better than a Muslim.” This is one of the many morons we have masquerading as lawmakers in Georgia.

State Reps. Sharon Cooper (R-east Cobb) and Judy Manning (R-Marietta) have both endorsed Gingrich. …

By contrast, Manning believes Rick Santorum doesn’t have the seasoning to unseat Obama, and Mitt Romney concerns her.

“I think Mitt Romney is a nice man, but I’m afraid of his Mormon faith,” Manning said. “It’s better than a Muslim. Of course, every time you look at the TV these days you find an ad on there telling us how normal they are. So why do they have to put ads on the TV just to convince us that they’re normal if they are normal?” Source: Marietta Daily

As someone who lives in metro Atlanta, I am naturally disgusted by Judy Manning’s comments. The residents of Marietta, which has a large black community, should call on her to retract such hateful rhetoric. So what is President Obama is a Muslim? Not every Muslim is a terrorist as not every white in the Deep South is a racist.

UPDATE #1: Ms. Manning has since apologized for her insensitive comments. But just to Mormons, not to Muslims:

I have made a terrible mistake with my reckless words. In an attempt to compare Romney and Obama, a seasoned reported manipulated my comparison using verbal judo and made my choice for a Republican Presidential candidate appear to be motivated by religion.

NOT SO! I am supporting Newt Gingrich because he is the smartest, most qualified man for the job. […] While I believe Newt Gingrich is the best choice for President, I can assure you, I will be supporting whomever wins the support of Republican America on the ballot in 2012. Elizabeth Kubler Ross said, “I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime.” These are words to live by. I sincerely apologize to Mitt Romney and for offending people of Mormon faith. Source: Think Progress