• Pelmo

    Sure the tax code is not fair and the rich get away with paying lower rates. But he did end up paying 6.2 million in taxes, which is quite a bit of money. Yes I would like to see him and others pay at the same rate that I am paying, but here is one thing that sends me screaming.
    I am in the middle class and ended up paying 28% of my income in taxes. I hate when the president keeps harping about the rich not paying their fair share. How about the 50% of Americans that pay no taxes and end up collecting from the kitty with no tax consequences. Shouldn’t everyone have to put something into the game.

    • Pelmo:

      Those who have envy and seek the government to be sculpted into an agent for their confiscatory spirit are also forced to look past how these same government operatives have FAILED to develop the competencies of “The Least Of These”, the tax base from them that was squandered being many times larger than the wealthy man they seek to lynch economically.

  • [quote]Not only do we have a draft dodger among the current Republican candidates, we also have a tax dodger.[/quote]

    Wow Janet – you are working on all cylinders today, aren’t you

    I am puzzled as to why the indictment that you have against Romney is more powerful than the indictment that I have against the MACHINE that was able to compel the Black community to shift our “Black Community Development Consciousness and Hopes” into their cause, compelling 95% of the Black community to make these investments for the past 50 years.

    Janet the Black community’s PRODUCTIVE POTENTIAL has been squandered by a total far, far, far greater than the personal wealth that Mitt Romney and all other Republican Presidential candidates have in personal holdings.

    The SUPREME COURT HAS RULED that it is NOT ILLEGAL to practice a TAX AVOIDANCE strategy.  It is only illegal to fail to pay taxes due.

    Let me ask you Janet – what is your view on the people who seek to erect PUNITIVE TAXATION against the rich to rile up their base all the while having FAILED to build up ORGANIC PRODUCTIVITY in the areas that they now control?

    Aren’t these people far more contemptible to your cause? They continue to operate (ie: in Detroit), unscathed by any attempts to remove them from power.

  • Pelmo

    Feedback one thing that I have wondered about for many years. After fighting so hard to gain the right to vote, Black Americans have given up that right so easily. No matter if it’s local or federal they are led by the nose by political, religious and so called black orginizations and their leaders on who to vote for and not allowing them to make their own choice. During one of the elections in Chicago a black judge called for lynching any black who did not vote for a certain candidate. No matter how many times the Democratic party screws the black community here in Chicago, they continue to vote for them in force.