Robert D. King, 3 Year Old Twin Daughters Caroline R. King and Madison R. King, Found Dead in Mechanicsville Home

Robert D. King and his three year old twin daughters, Caroline R. King and Madison R. King, were found dead in their Mechanicsville home Saturday night. The girls lived in the 5000 block of Pole Green Road in Hanover County with their mother, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

At 3:36 p.m., the sheriff’s office received an emergency call about the home off Mechanicsville Turnpike near Lee-Davis High School. When officers arrived, they found the man and the girls dead, said Sgt. Chris Whitley, a spokesman for the department.

Whitley did not reveal the cause of death and did not immediately release the names of the victims. He said the county medical examiner was investigating and that the names were being withheld pending notification of family.

The deaths were being investigated as suspicious, but Whitley said there was no danger to the public and that no suspect was being sought. Source

This is such a tragedy. Since the police are taking the position that there is no danger to the public, was this a murder-suicide? Where was the mother of the girls?

  • learn to spell

    Yes Janet this was a murder suicide. Their dad who sent texts threatening to kill the mom’s children made good on the threat. He pumped CO in to the home and slit his daughter’s throats.
    Sad thing is this isn’t something that happens rarely. It happens a lot and there’s been quite a few cases like this where custody battles are involved.
    My sister wants to leave her husband. He’s violent tempered and is only nice to one woman and that’s his mother. He won’t mow his own grass but will drive 30 minutes one way to mow his mother’s.
    He has been caught cheating by more than one person before they married. Yet those people “lie” later he admitted to cheating.
    He always accuses my sister of cheating, even to go as far as to ask for a dna test when my nephew was born. The month he was conceived they were always together. When they weren’t he kept her on the phone and wouldn’t have a conversation he’d just keep her on the phone. What bothers us about this is a family member was dying and she was with us at my house during this time.
    He always has a different story about the past than what really happened. He told us to go see the movie Jarhead (which is about Marines in Saudi Arabia) so we did. It had a lot of sad scenes. Especially one that stood out. A wife back in the states tells her husband she’s sending him a movie she taped off of tv for the guys to enjoy. Turns out the movie is of her having sex with another man. So shocked and hurt by this and embarrassed that his buddies saw the tape he goes outside of the building and shoots himself.
    Years later after seeing the movie I hear him telling Stories of his time overseas and uses scenes directly from the jarhead movie as his stories. Nothing different nothing changed. Granted those things could happen while overseas but not all, now he doesn’t start talking about the scenes until after the movie came out and he was by this time when the movie came out stateside. Never once did he tell of any of these stories until after the movie came out and he was back on US soil.
    He rarely cares for my nephew. My sister had to have surgery (as did my mom) after the babies birth so I stayed with her caring for the baby. He came out of his room maybe once during this time.
    He goes and hangs out with his buddies while my sister works. I watch my nephew.
    He’s rarely been employed since coming back to our state. In 2008 he was employed by 4 employers and worked a total of 2 months that year. He went to school ( for a job that pays maybe $8 an hour on average) he graduated and whenever he goes for an interview under wage he asks for $16.
    He has been physically abusive as well as emotionally.
    He moved out of state for a time. My sister wishes to move out of state now. But he refuses to do so because of his parents. Ok why is it now not ok but it was ok then? His crazy controlling mother. Who doesn’t even make an effort in seeing my nephew now he always has to be brought to her. My nephew doesn’t know her.
    She and my nephew were at a party and yet she never went to hold him. At the hospital (she doesn’t know about dna test) she didn’t want to hold him either. So now we know where the mental illness comes from.
    He claims to have a disorder but only started claiming it when he heard he could be paid almost $5k a year.
    He has no desire to work he stays home watches movies while my sister works to support the family. The $5K is his fun money. I’ve not seen him purchase anything other than a birthday present for my nephew.
    We’ve spoken to a lawyer she says “we cannot forget about the rights of the father” course some of the above events didn’t happen until after I spoke with her.
    I’m in fear for my sister and nephew.

    • Learn to Spell — I hope your sister gets some help. No-one deserves to live like this. I will keep her in my prayers. Sad.