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Saints Fan Donald Ray Ayro Arrested for Shooting 49ers Fans Christopher Middleton, Corey Adams in Applebee’s Parking Lot in Duluth GA

Saints Fan Donald Ray Ayro Arrested for Shooting 49ers Fans Christopher Middleton, Corey Adams in Applebee's Parking Lot in Duluth GA

Donald Ray Ayro was arrested for shooting Christopher Middleton (Chris Middleton) and Corey Adams outside a Duluth, Ga., Applebee’s restaurant Saturday evening. Donald Ray Ayro, a Saints fan, got into an argument with the two men, who are 49ers fans, as they ate at the restaurant. He was upset because the 49ers were winning the game. He then left the restaurant and shot the two men in the parking lot as they tried to leave the restaurant located on Pleasant Hill Drive. Chris Middleton is listed in critical condition, while Corey Adams was grazed by a bullet in his head.

Donald Ray Ayro has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault, being a felon in possession of a firearm and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. This animal is being held without bond at the Gwinnett County Jail. Dumbass. e was taken to Gwinnett County Jail and held without bond.

  • Jeff

    why is so easy for black people to kill

    • CanCRightThruU

      Really? That’s ur question to this story? U ignorant f!%%, white ppl are just as likely to kill as any other person. If you want to get real….u white folks had the serial killer market cornered for decades. When u get through. 

  • Detric

    I’m sure it’s no easier than wrapping a chain around a man’s neck and dragging him down the road behind a pickup truck.  

    • Really???

      Do you eat a side of stupid with your breakfast? Why even take the time to comment you ignorant fool.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michele.williams.144734 Michele’ Williams

    As the mother of one of the victims who was shot senselessly, I am overjoyed to say that it was a year ago today, that I was watching my son fight for his life………and today 2013 he is doing well!!