On-Duty Memphis Police Officer Dion Anthony Caught Having Sex in Squad Car

On-Duty Memphis Police Officer Dion Anthony Caught Having Sex in His Squad Car (MyFoxMemphis)

SHAME:  On-duty Memphis police officer Dion Anthony was allegedly caught having sex in his squad car. The incident was caught on a radio broadcast that is now part of an open investigation by the police department.

Sergeant Karen Rudolph says every Memphis Police Officer is given two modes of radio communication: a shoulder microphone that stays with them and a console mic that stays in their squad car.

“Rather than picking up the phone, we use what’s given to us with our consoles and microphones. A lot of times it’s our life lines,” she said.

There’s no word yet on which microphone our sources say broadcast Officer Dion Anthony having sex in his squad car while on duty. But there is a recording because Sgt. Rudolph says every radio communication is recorded. Source: MyFoxMemphis

The police aren’t sure who the woman was, but Dion Anthony has been relieved of his duties, pending the outcome of the investigation. This is the second cop we have covered caught having sex on the job. SMH.

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