RIMCO Rent-To-Own Tires: Aaron’s Finds New Way to Prey Upon the Poor and People Affected by Recession

Rent-To-Own Tires: Aaron's Finds New Way to Prey Upon the Poor and People Affected by Recession

Would you rent tires for your vehicle? Well, RIMCO, which is a division of  Atlanta rent-to-own furniture and electronics company Aaron’s, started renting tires in 2004 as a destination for drivers who wanted to pimp their rides with trendy wheels, the AJC reports. But they found another market to rip people off, thanks to the recession. I should also state that RIMCO has two stores conveniently located in predominantly black Stone Mountain and Marietta.

If you have to rent tires, you are in more trouble than you can ever imagine. If you have to rent tires and rims to “pimp” your ride, then you are living way above your means. Let’s be real, you don’t have to buy Michelin tires for your vehicle if you are having money problems. You can buy cheaper tires until you can afford to purchase the top-of-the-line ones. Aarons, Rent-a-Center and now Rimco are all preying on the poor whites, blacks and Latinos.

Germaine Rasheed,  an Atlanta nurse said she didn’t have the $500 it would have cost her to get four new tires for her 3-year-old Camry. And she has no credit cards. But she still needed to get to work.

So Rasheed went to the Atlanta-based wheel and tire chain and got two tires on a rent-to-own basis. She paid $41.17 a month for them, until her tax refund came in and she was able to pay the balance.

“I needed them right away,” she said. “If you’re on a budget, you can’t afford it. Tires are very expensive.” Source: AJC

Um, you can purchased slightly used tires or even private label tires for less than the $500 she claims she would have to spend for four. I went to Discount Tires’ website and guess what, they had tires for less than $500.

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    Janet there is one thing my father said that has stuck with me all my life. “No matter how many patches your clothes have, people will not notice them as long as your clothes are clean and pressed”. My dad wore Sears wash pants and work boots. The pants were always pressed and the shoes shined. the money he saved by not buying the latest trends, he put in the bank and was able to not only buy a car with cash but also a house. So when I see these so called poor, no matter the race, walking around with $100+ gym shoes, fancy I phones, and pimp up cars, I feel no sympathy at all for them.THat’s why I laugh at the protests of the 99%. Stop standing in line for days to buy thye latest shoes or electronic gadgets. Then after you have saved up some money you can live like the 1%.