Victor Montalvo, Gal Pal Maritza Lopez Arrested for Vicious Stabbing of Teen Alexander Herald Over Stolen iPhone

Victor Montalvo, Gal Pal Maritza Lopez Arrested for Vicious Stabbing of Teen Alexander Herald Over Stolen iPhone (Facebook)

Victor Montalvo, 22, and his gal pal Maritza Lopez, 21,  were arrested in connection with the brutal stabbing of Bronx teen Alexander Herald over a stolen iPhone on a subway train. The two have been charged with attempted murder, assault, criminal possession of a weapon, harassment and disorderly conduct. Meanwhile, Alexander Herald is listed in critical condition he was stabbed repeatedly early Saturday morning.

The teen, Alexander Herald — who was riding the train with a friend — noticed his phone was gone and spotted Montalvo holding it as the train rolled into the Fordham Road station, sources said.

Herald and his friend confronted Montalvo, and the argument spilled onto the platform, sources said. Montalvo pulled out a blade while Herald’s pal got a token booth clerk to call 911, sources said.

But when he returned, he found Herald — who had been stabbed multiple times in his head and body — lying in a pool of blood, sources said. Source: NY Daily News

I hope the judge will throw the book at these two young thugs. If you want an iPhone, damn, save your money and get one. Don’t just take someone else’s property!

Below, you can see a surveillance video of the suspects:

Two Month Old Emilio Jesus Bautista Dies After Mother Chekayla Dampier Holds Him Under Scalding Water

Two Month Old Emilio Jesus Bautista Dies After Mother Chekayla Dampier Holds Him Under Scalding Water (Facebook)

JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL:  Chekayla Dampier, 18, was charged with child abuse causing great bodily harm after she placed her two month old son under scalding water for several minutes because he wouldn’t stop crying.

The child, Emilio Jesus Bautista, died Saturday morning at Tampa General Hospital. There are so many decent women out there who would love nothing more than to become a mother and you have someone like Chekayla Dampier killing her child.

Police said Chekayla Dampier confessed to the crime, which occurred on April 17. She is being held on $150,000 bail and it’s not clear if she has an attorney. Who in their right mind would want to represent this woman on their own free will? If you ask me, the charges should be upgraded to murder. It is amazing that she was professing “love” for her baby in her Facebook profile and then put him under running water to harm him. SMH.

Allen Iverson’s Estranged Wife Tawanna Iverson Seeking Restraining Order Against Him for “Disturbing Behavior”

Allen Iverson, of the National Basketball Asso...

Allen Iverson's Estranged Wife Tawanna Iverson Seeking Restraining Order Against Him for "Disturbing Behavior" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SMH:  Another sad turn in the contemptuous divorce of Allen Iverson and his estranged wife, Tawanna Iverson. She just filed legal documents in their divorce battle accusing him of “engaging in increasingly contemptuous, threatening and disturbing behavior” over the last few months and she’s afraid things will get worse, TMZ reports. Tawanna Iverson now wants a restraining order against the baller. TMZ reports she’s also claiming he is hiding “big money” from her and she wants a judge to stop him. Another Deion and Pilar Sanders hot mess.

Parents in India’s Uttar Pradesh State Outraged After Nursery Textbook Says ‘B’ for Bomb


Parents Outraged Over Indian Nursery Textbook That Teaches Children 'B' for Bomb

UK GUARDIAN:  Parents in India’s Uttar Pradesh state are demanding an explanation about why their children are being taught about bombs and knives at nursery schools. For example, a book on Hindi language alphabet for children ages four to five uses a “bomb” to illustrate the letter “B” and chaku (knife) for the letters “CH.” The book was cleared for use in private schools. Why would any publisher put out such a book in the first place?

Rev. Al Sharpton Faces Scathing Criticism on Twitter for Asking If America Has Changed Since Rodney King Beating

Rev. Al Sharpton faces scathing criticism on Twitter by the right wing for asking if America has changed in the 20 years since Rodney King beating in Los Angeles. Sharpton sent out a tweet:

Then the flood gates opened and a barrage of tweets from the right wing came with resounding force:

I could go on and on, but what’s the use? You get the message, right? I have long been critical of Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for the rhetoric they push, but to his credit, Al Sharpton has toned it down quite a bit. But I suppose old habits die hard. On a serious note, racism is still a seedy undercurrent in the American landscape, no matter how hard you try to state otherwise. Just saying….

Demont Morris and Estranged Wife Royale Lee Morris Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide in Johnstown PA

JOHNSTOWN MURDER-SUICIDE:  Demont Morris, 40, reportedly killed his estranged wife, Royale Lee Morris, before turning the gun on himself in an apparent murder-suicide Saturday afternoon at the Oakhurst Homes in Johnstown, Pa. Police said neighbors heard the couple arguing and then heard two gunshots.

The couple has two children, who lived with their mother, and are now staying with relatives. This is another case of domestic violence that could have been avoided. We have been covering murder-suicides for quite some time and this disturbing trend doesn’t show any sign of abating. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Royale Lee Morris, 38, and her two kids, who are now orphaned.

I came across a press release from the Pittsburgh Division of the FBI that announces the December 1, 2009, sentencing of Demont Morris, AKA Guy Morris, a resident of Johnstown, Penn., to 60 months in federal prison and five years supervised release on his conviction on federal narcotics charges. If this is the same Demont Morris, and my guess is that it is, he was still on supervised release from jail.

United States District Court Judge Kim R. Gibson imposed the sentence on Morris, age 37. According to information presented to the court by Assistant United States Attorney Stephanie L. Haines, from in or around the beginning of 2002, to on or about March 20, 2006, Morris conspired with other individuals to distribute and possess with intent to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine.

This could explain why he was estranged from his wife, Royale Lee Morris. Still doesn’t make it right.

WTF: Twitter User Accuses Obama Administration of Assassinating LA Coroner’s Official Michael Cromier Over Andrew Breitbart Probe

Los Angeles Coroner’s official Michael Cormier died last week and sources cited by the Los Angeles Times, state law enforcement officials believe Cormier may have been poisoned. Well, the story is making the rounds on Twitter, with many under the impression that Cormier was responsible for investigating the cause of conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart’s death.

Of course, President Obama is accused for assassinating Andrew Breitbart and Michael Cromier in one tweet:

There is no evidence tying Michael Cormier to the investigation of Andrew Breitbart’s death. It just shows how things, flawed or inconclusive, take root and spread like wild fire on Twitter. Too many people are elevating Andrew Breitbart to a status of such importance that the Obama administration would go out of its way to kill him. That’s just not so.