Is Bo Morrison, Unarmed Black Man Murdered by Adam Kind in Predominantly White WI Town, the New Trayvon Martin?

Is Bo Morrison, Unarmed Black Man Murdered by Adam Kind in Predominantly White WI Town, the New Trayvon Martin?

Another Trayvon Martin-type murder? Bo Morrison, 20, was fatally shot in Slinger, Wisc., on March 3rd after he ran from an underage drinking party at the home Tim Hess and hid inside an enclosed porch of neighboring home belonging to Adam Kind. Less than five minutes after he hid on the porch, Kind confronted him and shot him in the chest. Clearly this is case is a rush to judgment. Some are saying that this could be racially motivated, but before you take that position, here is some information I have managed to find:

Washington County District Attorney Mark Bensen ruled the shooting was justified, prompting an effort by Morrison’s family and friends to repeal Wisconsin’s castle doctrine law, passed last year. It presumes someone acted reasonably when they use deadly force against an unlawful intruder to their home, business or vehicle.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Department originally released an edited version of the 6 1/2 minute 911 call, and said all that was removed were the caller’s use of names and other identifying information.

But in removing those statements, the edits also clipped off a portion of something Kind can be heard yelling in the background. Morrison’s family couldn’t understand why the full 911 call – a public record commonly released without editing – was not supplied to even their attorney, and suspect Kind might be heard using a racial slur or making other statements that would reveal a state of mind other than simple fear for his family’s safety. Source: Journal Sentinel

The county released the unedited 911 call in the Slinger shooting, possibly prompted by music mogul Russell Simmons threat to sue the county for the full records on behalf of Morrison’s family. Listen for yourself. Do you hear any racial slurs?

In my opinion, as sad as this case is, it is not comparable to the Trayvon Martin case. Trayvon Martin didn’t enter George Zimmerman’s property. He was walking on a public street in the subdivision. Bo Morrison, on the other hand, entered the private property of Mr. Kind. Whether he overreacted or not, the Castle Doctrine gave him the right to defend himself. Bo Morrison could have been a burglar for all we know. The “Stand Your Ground” law and the “Castle Doctrine” are very problematic in terms of interpretation and what exactly constitutes a threat. What is a threat to me might differ for you.

The Global Grind said it’s troubled by the fact Kind called the police three times during the evening, visited the underage drinking party, received a 4 1/2 call from the police after they have arrived on the scene, but still came out of his home, armed with a Colt 45, and shot Bo Morrison. Well, I don;t know if this was so much a racially motivated shooting or just someone could have overreacted or even someone who felt threatened because a complete stranger was crouched on his “enclosed” porch. If I found someone crouching on my porch I would certainly call the police and if I had a gun, I would get it  ready just in case I had to protect my family from a potential break-in. But, that’s just me. Maybe Mr. Kind used excessive force, considering the police was located mere yards from his home. Dunno. But it points to how one interprets what constitutes a threat on one’s life. Adam Kind has not been arrested or charged with the murder. For the record, the town of Slinger is 98 percent white and .2 percent black, but unlike Russell Simmons, I don’t believe this case is comparable to the Trayvon Martin case.