SC McDonald’s Worker Marvin Washington Jr. Arrested for Spitting in Customers’ Iced Tea

SC McDonald's Worker Marvin Washington Jr. Arrested for Spitting in Customers' Iced Tea

SHAME: McDonald’s employee Marvin Washington Jr. is facing felony charges after he spat in two customers’ cups of iced tea after the drinks were returned because they were not sweet enough. Washington was arrested Wednesday in Simpsonville, S.C., and charged with malicious tampering with food.

Greenville County investigators say surveillance video caught Washington leaning over the cups before he filled them Saturday at the Simpsonville restaurant. Authorities say the customers discovered phlegm when they removed the lids of the drinks to add more sugar because the iced tea still was not sweet enough. Source

Dumbass. You see, that’s why I hate to eat out. You don’t know what people can do to your food.

  • BKA

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