WTF: Twitter User Accuses Obama Administration of Assassinating LA Coroner’s Official Michael Cromier Over Andrew Breitbart Probe

Los Angeles Coroner’s official Michael Cormier died last week and sources cited by the Los Angeles Times, state law enforcement officials believe Cormier may have been poisoned. Well, the story is making the rounds on Twitter, with many under the impression that Cormier was responsible for investigating the cause of conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart’s death.

Of course, President Obama is accused for assassinating Andrew Breitbart and Michael Cromier in one tweet:

There is no evidence tying Michael Cormier to the investigation of Andrew Breitbart’s death. It just shows how things, flawed or inconclusive, take root and spread like wild fire on Twitter. Too many people are elevating Andrew Breitbart to a status of such importance that the Obama administration would go out of its way to kill him. That’s just not so.

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Janet Shan is a freelance journalist and managing editor of the Hinterland Gazette, who is working on her first novel, a mystery based in the hills on Montego Bay.
  • Amy La Violette

    and there is no evidence that he wasn’t… 

    • HinterlandG

      Amy La Violette — There’s no evidence he was….

  • I used 2 b 1 of them

    This is just ridiculous. Breitbart was a very hate-filled individual. Of course I don’t want to hear of anyone’s passing especially so very young and leaving behind his children but he died of a heart attack. The heart was never meant to handle that level of hate. I hope that others on all sides of the spectrum will see Andrews death as a warning.

    • HinterlandG

      Yes, it’s just plain ridiculous and it’s even more troubling that people would think Andrew Breitbart was that much of a threat to any administration. Um, putting him on a pedestal for no reason. He was so hate-filled it’s not funny.