NYT Jackie Calmes: Jacob Philadelphia Photo Touching Obama’s Head, “Potent Symbol for Blacks”

NYT Jackie Calmes: Jacob Philadelphia Photo Touching Obama's Head, "Potent Symbol for Blacks" (Pete Souza/The White House)

JACOB PHILADELPHIA PHOTO TOUCHING OBAMA’S HEAD:  Jacob Philadelphia was snapped by White House photographer in a pretty awesome shot of him touching President Obama’s head. Okay, so that was really cute, but for New York Times reporter Jackie Calmes to gush over this by saying, the photo shows “Mr. Obama remains a potent symbol for blacks, with a deep reservoir of support” and it’s an “indelible image,” is just plain ignorant. Um, can you say “photo op?” Obama embraces race at the most awkward times — when his friend Dr. Louis Henry Gates had a dust-up with Sgt. Crowley and with the Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, FL, saying “my son would look like Trayvon.”

As skittish as White House aides often are in discussing race, they also clearly revel in the power of their boss’s example.


David Axelrod, Mr. Obama’s longtime adviser, has a copy framed in his Chicago office. He said of Jacob, “Really, what he was saying is, ‘Gee, you’re just like me.’ And it doesn’t take a big leap to think that child could be thinking, ‘Maybe I could be here someday.’ This can be such a cynical business, and then there are moments like that that just remind you that it’s worth it.”

A copy of the photo hangs in the Philadelphia family’s living room with several others taken that day. Mr. Philadelphia, now in Afghanistan for the State Department, said: “It’s important for black children to see a black man as president. You can believe that any position is possible to achieve if you see a black person in it.” Source:  NY Times

Sorry, I don’t mean to come across as cynical, but this smacks of convenient public relations, since Obama has largely ignored the black community, but still expects blacks to vote for him in droves. How ironic that this photograph is suddenly being made public at this juncture. A rallying cry for the black community, right?

Right Wing Evangelical Bryan Fischer: “Homosexuality is Libertarian, Not Conservative Value”

Being a homosexual means you are a Libertarian. That’s according to right wing evangelical wingbag Bryan Fischer. I guess gay Republicans are just perpetrating a major fraud, you can’t be both “gay and conservative.” Gee, I wonder what he would have said to those homosexuals in the Bible?

P. Diddy Brags About Spending $2 Million on Strippers, Photographer Tweets ‘Pay What U Owe Me”

TWEETS OF THE DAY: Sean Combs, known as P. Diddy, took to Twitter to show how much of a low-life he is, bragging about spending money on strippers:

Of course, how he spends his money is his business, but isn’t this a slap in the face of all the poor people who are dumb enough to purchase his albums, clothing, Ciroc and other wares he hawks? Here’s his response:

Well, not to be outdone by P. Diddy’s bragging, photographer Rob Hoffman reminded P. Diddy that he owes him money. Hah:

There are some entertainers I won’t patronize and P. Diddy is one of them. P. Diddy, pay Rob Hoffman the money you owe him. P. Diddy, once a hoodrat, always a hoodrat. Just ask the housekeeping staff at any hotel P. Diddy stays about his behavior and what they find in the rooms.

Sakia David, Mother of Toddler Trapped in Running Washing Machine, Plans to Press Charges Against Babysitter

Sakia David, the mother of the toddler who became trapped in a running washing machine, plans to press charges against the babysitter for her actions. Surveillance video from the Federal Laundromat in Camden, NJ, which surfaced online last week, showing a man playfully putting the one-year old boy, Saimeir Bush, in the front-loading washer, closing the doo, then he and the woman went into panic mode when the doors locked and the spin cycle started with the child inside.

Sakia David, 22, said she was not told about the incident and had no clue what had happened to her son until she saw the tape,  the Courier Post reports. The babysitter, who has only been identified as Sandra, is the girlfriend of the boy’s father, who is in prison. She told Sakia David that the child had fallen” down some steps and hit his head.” Typical story, baby daddy in prison and young mother left to take care of the child all by herself. SMH.

Prosecutors decided not the charge the pair with any crime, saying”this was not an intelligent choice to put the baby in the washing machine, but it was not a crime,” prosecutor’s office spokesman Jason Laughlin told CNN. Um, gee, you think?

Mitt Romney Promises to Confront China on Day One as New U.S. President, Laughable!

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is out with Day One, Part 2 I of a new campaign ad. It’s laughable that he names confronting China as one of his tasks on the first day in office. Um, Mitt, you have it backward — we are up to our necks in debt to China and the debtor is slave to the lender. In other words, confronting China is laughable, at best.

“There will be more to do on Day One: deficit reductions, stand up to China, and repeal job-killing regulations,” the tag line to the ad says.

Um, I am with Colin Powell, Mitt Romney has no clue on foreign policy and that’s sort of like his unrealistic pledge to reduce unemployment to six percent nationally. I thought Rush Limbaugh was the conservative windbag, but I think Mitt Romney is an even bigger one.

Camden Man Pedro Hernandez in Police Custody Over Etan Patz 1979 Disappearance

Etan Patz

Camden Man Pedro Hernandez in Police Custody Over Etan Patz 1979 Disappearance(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BREAKING NEWS:  Pedro Hernandez of Camden, N.J. was arrested for the 1979 disappearance of Etan Patz,  then 6,  in New York City, after he incriminated himself.

“An individual now in custody has made statements to NYPD detectives implicating himself in the disappearance and death of Etan Patz 33 years ago,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said in a statement. “We expect to provide further details later today.” Source: NY Daily News

I hope this is this is a break in the case and not another false lead. The parents need closure on what happened to their son.

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