Foster Parents Kerry Dean Parks and Wife Beat 11 Year Old, Applied Salt, Vinegar to Wounds

Foster Parents Kerry Dean Parks and Wife Beat 11 Year Old, Applied Salt, Vinegar to Wounds (SPD)

SHOCK:  Kerry Dean Parks and wife Merilyn Parks have been charged with causing serious bodily injury to a child, after being accused of beating their 11-year-old son with a leather belt and applying salt, vinegar and alcohol to his wounds. Kerry Dean Parks, 50, is already in police custody, but his wife, Merilyn Parks, 35, is still at large, the Houston Chronicle reports.

According to the criminal complaint against the pair, the boy had to be hospitalised after officers found him curled on a sofa in the foetal position, with ‘bandages applied to his waist, buttocks and rear thigh area with bodily fluids seeping through them.’

Police attention was drawn to the case when staff at Seabrook Intermediate School asked them to investigate the child’s welfare on January 4.

He was promptly taken to Texas Children’s Hospital, and later transferred to Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Galveston. 

The boy told investigators his adoptive father Kerry Parks had beat him with a leather belt ‘approximately once or twice a day’ between October 1 and December 24 2011.

The abuse took place at the home they shared with his mother, Merilyn Parks, and his baby sister.  Source

This little boy has been wronged by so many people in his life, starting with his biological parents and now his foster parents. Call the Seabrook Police at 281-291-5610 if you have any information on Merilyn Parks and her whereabouts.

  • Eyes of TX

    God please bless this little boy….heal him physically, emotionally and spiritually! Give him an earthly Father who would love him like you……..

    And look at this crazy man with a Christian television tshirt on! I am so sick of these angry men and women taking their issues out on these children

    • Eyes of TX — My sentiment exactly. This child’s parents failed him and now his foster parents failed him. Yeah, I was struck by the t-shirt as well. Hypocrite.