GOP Attacks on Obama for Politicizing Osama Bin Laden Assassination Only Helps Him, Remember 9/11?

GOP ATTACKS ON OBAMA:  I am amazed at how quickly Republicans forgot how the Bush 2004 reelection campaign blanketed the airwaves with the events of 9/11, so much so that people were literally hoodwinked into voting for George W. Bush. They saw nothing wrong with that tactic but now that President Obama is milking the Osama bin Laden assassination, they are screaming “off with his head.” Politics is just a dirty game and voters like you and I are used as pawns.

While I found the campaign video playing up the Osama bin Laden assassination somewhat distasteful, it is nonetheless politics and if the shoe were on the other foot, the Republicans would do the same as they did in 2004. GOP attacks on Obama will only help him at the polls and continue to prove that Mitt Romney is like a deer caught between two headlights on foreign policy. A little like his dog Seamus on the top of the family station wagon with all that wind smacking him in the face.

Mark McKinnon: “Just as it would have been absurd for the Bush campaign not to mention 9/11 in our 2004 reelection launch. In fact, all we did in our ads was say we faced some unexpected challenges and showed some images of 9/11. And we were crucified by the Democrats… And now, how dare Obama exploit OBL for political purposes, say Republicans today.”

“When Democrats went crazy about our 9/11 ad in 2004, all they did was bring more attention to the message we were trying to communicate. Which is precisely the trap Republicans are falling into today.”

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  • Janet:

    When will you “remember” what Black media sold Black people on back in 2008 about the BENEFITS TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY from an Obama Presidency?

    IF after building up power in the various cities that our people live in and not living up to the promises – they are now at the national level with a president that they compel Black people to live vicariously through – WHY is it that they are now having us FOCUS ON OBAMA rather than looking at the Black community and enumerating the BENEFIT?    

    That is beyond Obama’s POPULARITY with Black people and instead material benefits

    • Constructive Feedback — The black community was also pissed off when Bill Clinton called his stance on the war a “fairy tale,” perceiving it as a slight against his race. Sadly, many in the black community didn’t have a clue where Obama stood on any issue. They voted for him because he was black. That’s not his fault. What promises did he make to the black community? Wasn’t he the same one who asked his then girlfriend Genevieve Cook why black people are always so angry? He has treated the black community with an air of aloofness, until it’s coming around to election time.