Jamaican-Born British Couple Eunice and Owen Johns Barred from Fostering 16th Child Over Anti-Gay Stance

Anti-gay couple in England, Eunice and Owen Johns, have been barred from taking in a 16th foster child because Eunice Johns refused to say she would tell the child if he or she was a homosexual that it is “okay.” This all happened when they attempted to become foster parents to a 16th child in 2006 when the Derby City Council erected a roadblock called forcing the gay agenda down their throats, thanks to a social worker. Here’s an excerpt from the Jamaica Observer:

“They started asking about my Christianity and I told them I was a Christian, I go to church on a Sunday. I told them I was a Bible-believing Christian,” Eunice said.

She was asked: “What if a child of five came to you one day from school and told you that they were homosexual?” To this she responded: “I would care for that child, I would give them love and attention and all that’s required.”

Her response, however, did not find favour with the social worker and when Eunice ventured to ask what her response should have been, she was told: “You would have to tell this child that it is alright to be homosexual.”

Failing to convince Eunice to change her mind on the matter, the social worker said she would have to raise the issue with her manager. Two weeks later the manager came to see her.

“She said to us: ‘Well, Mr and Mrs Johns, we were told that you said you could not tell a child it is alright to be homosexual, and in this day and age you would have to because so many children are not sure where they are and a lot of them are confused. So many people are confused these days, because they weren’t told that their sexuality and what they are feeling is right’.”

She said she and her husband were then taken before a panel of 12 persons at the Council where they were asked to explain their views on homosexuality. Two weeks after that, they got a letter thanking them for withdrawing their application to foster children. The couple were shocked, because they had made no such request. However, they decided not to contest the Council on the matter.

The struggle for equality of all people won’t end if people are being forced to accept the gay agenda or face repercussions if they don’t. I believe marriage is between one man and one woman, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to make it hard for a gay person to be with whomever he or she loves.  It is equally wrong from the social worker and the City Council to have barred the child from the Johns because of their views on homosexuality. Since when does one’s personal beliefs trump another person’s? Aren’t we all afforded free speech? This sets a dangerous precedent and will only foment critics of gay marriage to fight even harder not to find common ground.

The Jamaica Observer reports,  Eunice and Owen  Johns are preparing to take the matter before the European Court of Justice with the support of a coalition of Christian groups who are firmly opposed to the gay and lesbian lifestyle.