James Johnson Carr, Estranged Wife Karyn Carr, Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide in Middletown KY

MIDDLETOWN MURDER-SUICIDE:  James Johnson Carr killed his estranged wife, Karyn Carr, and then turned the gun on himself in an apparent murder-suicide in Middletown, KY.  WAVE 3 reports the bodies were found by a concerned family member Tuesday afternoon in the home, located in the 11800 block of Wetherby Avenue.

Karyn Carr, 38, died from multiple gun shot wounds, while James Johnson Carr, 44, died  from a single self-inflicted gunshot wound. The couple had separated two weeks ago, WAVE reports. A young child was found sleeping inside the home. She was unhurt and is now in the care of family members.

When will this alarming trend of murder-suicide abate? This is a daily occurrence. Domestic violence is a silent killer. Now a child is left without her parents. How incredibly selfish.

  • Tink2520

    While the acts of murder and suicide are incredibly selfish, we can not begin to understand what thoughts and feelings these two had and what events precipitated the tragic ends to their lives. Though we may like to sit and judge from afar, until you are in the situation and the moment you can not speculate the how and why. Two beautiful lives were lost and more than can be counted are affected. We must believe God has a plan, though it may not be for us to understand. And we should remember them not for how they left us but what they meant to us while they were here.

    • Edwards Shannon83

      very true tink james was a cousin of mine we are just as shocked as other ppl james was a very nice kind man never saw anything out of him out of the ordinary these families need prayers we will never know what took place in that house

      • C_K_Y_Tim32

         yeah that was my dad 🙁 i love u and miss u pops ur always with me

        • jessicafowler1

          love you Tim, dad will always be with us we just have to remember the good about dad and not whast people try to put in our heads about him or the situation because they are not dealing with what we are. they are just outsiders lookin in love you bub.

    • Tink2520 — There is no excuse for anyone to take the life of their significant other and kids. None. Spin it any way you want. It’s selfish and barbaric.

  • jessicafowler1

    this was my dad and it was very very shocking and no one would have ever seen it coming, and yes it was kinda shelfish the way he had left all of his children but the fact is that he was dealing with alot of things of course the is no excuse for this type of behavior but he is my dad and i miss him very much and none of you know the pain that my family is going through. or my step mothers. RIP Dad and Shelly, we love you and are missing you more and more each day.