Why Won’t Mitt Romney Repudiate Donald Trump, AKA “Bloviating Ignoramus,” Birther Claims?

I am very surprised that decent conservatives aren’t calling on presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney to repudiate and distance himself for Donald Trump, AKA Carnival Barker, and his birther claims. If he wants to be taken serious by those in the black community who are inclined to give him a second look, he had better distance himself from Donald Trump, who has ticked off many in the black community, including yours truly. I can no more take Mitt Romney serious because of the company he keeps with a loud-mouth windbag such as Donald Trump. Conservative columnist George Will is also attacking Donald Trump, dismissing him as a “bloviating ignoramus.” Amen. Let the infighting begin. Donald Trump is far from being the moral compass of any party, given his history of not being forthright in his relationships and taking the low road when called out for his hypocrisy.

George Will appeared on ABC News’ “This Week” and questioned why Mitt Romney is associating with the real estate mogul, who once again falsely questioned President Obama’s birthplace last week.

“I do not understand the cost benefit here,” Will said on the “This Week” roundtable. “The costs are clear. The benefit — what voter is gonna vote for him (Romney) because he is seen with Donald Trump? The cost of appearing with this bloviating ignoramus is obvious it seems to me.”

“Donald Trump is redundant evidence that if your net worth is high enough, your IQ can be very low and you can still intrude into American politics,” Will added. “Again, I don’t understand the benefit. What is Romney seeking?” Source

Sorry, but Mitt Romney visiting a black school and appointing a black strategist don’t add up to a hill of beans if he is going to pall around with someone who calls the first black president a native-born Kenyan, knowing that is furthest from the truth. The more the birther questions swirl, the more it plays to President Obama’s advantage and the more Mitt Romney will come off as appearing as a hypocrite and a person who vacillates. In my opinion, Mitt Romney standing next to Donald Trump on any platform means more votes for Barack Obama.  Mitt Romney’s silence on the birther issue is a tacit agreement that he believes in the hateful and false venom Donald Trump is spewing and he’s appealing to the fringe elements of the Republican Party. Sorry, that’s enough for me to decide against voting for Mitt Romney.

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