Romney Campaign Releases His Birth Certificate Showing His Father Born in Mexico, Double Standard with Obama?

The Romney campaign releases his birth certificate. So, now we have definitive proof that Mitt Romney was born in America but his father was born in Mexico. Um, isn’t there a terrible double standard on Obama’s father being born in Kenya and all the mess that he isn’t a natural born American? How could I forget. Obama is biracial and Mitt Romney is white, so the black guy is always in the wrong.

It is also ironic that the campaign released the birth certificate to Reuters (but Romney won’t releases his tax records) just hours before his fundraiser with carnival barker Donald Trump. Um, is this the long form birth certificate and where’s the proof that this is valid?

The birth certificate of Repbulican presidential hopefull Mitt Romney is pictured in this undated handout photo obtained by Reuters May 29, 2012. (Reuters / HANDOUT)

Mitt Romney and his team didn’t release this just because it’s the right thing to do. They released it to continue to appeal to the birther movement and the fringe in the Republican Party who believe Obama was born in Kenya. Despite all his lies, I would have given Mitt Romney a second look as a viable presidential contender, but getting down in the muck is unbecoming. So, is Mitt Romney really a birther or just another political hypocrite?

  • Actually Janet the greater irony is larger than what you point to.

    Back in 1968 when George Romney ran for the Republican Presidential spot there was an original BIRTHER MOVEMENT against him – EXCEPT it was not called RACIST at the time.

    Both of Mitt Romeny’s parents are Americans so there was never a question of him being an America.  If an American woman and her husband is attending school over seas and has a child in that nation – the child is STILL an American citizen – no questions asked (beyond politically partisan questions)

    The bithers against Obama are merely muckraking – obfuscating away from the serious issues about America in order to knock him down a few notches.

    IN BOTH CASES – While America’s roof is on fire the “Dung Producing Party Animals” engage in foolishness.