Sakia David, Mother of Toddler Trapped in Running Washing Machine, Plans to Press Charges Against Babysitter

Sakia David, the mother of the toddler who became trapped in a running washing machine, plans to press charges against the babysitter for her actions. Surveillance video from the Federal Laundromat in Camden, NJ, which surfaced online last week, showing a man playfully putting the one-year old boy, Saimeir Bush, in the front-loading washer, closing the doo, then he and the woman went into panic mode when the doors locked and the spin cycle started with the child inside.

Sakia David, 22, said she was not told about the incident and had no clue what had happened to her son until she saw the tape,  the Courier Post reports. The babysitter, who has only been identified as Sandra, is the girlfriend of the boy’s father, who is in prison. She told Sakia David that the child had fallen” down some steps and hit his head.” Typical story, baby daddy in prison and young mother left to take care of the child all by herself. SMH.

Prosecutors decided not the charge the pair with any crime, saying”this was not an intelligent choice to put the baby in the washing machine, but it was not a crime,” prosecutor’s office spokesman Jason Laughlin told CNN. Um, gee, you think?

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