UPS Race Discrimination Scandal with Clive Henry in The European Court of Human Rights

Clive Henry, a former UPS Courier Service worker is appealing a race discrimination tribunal decision claiming that the judge deliberately dismissed key evidence in his case.

Mr. Henry says he was forced to resign following excessive work demands from UPS Ltd, after working for the company for 11 years, with 100% attendance for seven years. “I had never received any disciplinary action before,” he says.

Mr. Henry took UPS to tribunal in 2009 after claiming that he was singled out by a particular manager, who was the director of the company that UPS merged with in 2008 and put him on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) in the sales department.
Mr. Henry supervised the merge in the department from January to July, 2008.

“In October 2008 I was placed on a (PIP) which was never authorised by HR, “Mr. Henry says. “I hit the £3000 department monthly target. This was raised to £4000 the next month. I was shouted at and given a written warning on failing this target. I was also given a smudged warning letter. I was signed off with occupational stress because of these events.”

Mr. Henry says the warning was revoked after he appealed but he was advised in writing that he would be placed back on the PIP.

“I was the only black male and the only person ever to be placed on a PIP”, he says.

Mr. Henry who resigned from UPS on March 11, 2010, says he represented himself as he thought with the documented evidence it was an open and closed case.

Mr. Henry, who is convinced the judge dismissed the case in a perverse way, is appealing against the ruling “The biased and perverse judgment has allowed me to become a victim of blatant race discrimination,” he says, adding that “the judge failed to consider key facts and gave biased reasons for UPS’s actions to justify their wrong doing.”

Mr. Henry also sent the complaint to the European Commission for Human Rights in Brussels, Belgium, and on March 15, 2011, the Commission accepted to consider his complaint in the light of the applicable European Union law.

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