Adidas Sinks to New Low with JS Roundhouse Mid Handcuff Sneakers with Plastic Chain Link

Adidas Sinks to New Low with JS Roundhouse Mid Handcuff Sneakers with Plastic Chain Link (Facebook)

The latest sneaker designs are downright crazy, many insulting on so many levels. Adidas Originals and Jeremy Scott have teamed up and given us a real stereotypical winner — the JS Roundhouse Mid Handcuff, featuring a plastic chain-link and rubber cuff at the ankle as well as a 3M reflective striping over the upper area. Yeah, you need to have handcuffs on your sneakers, right? Another reason for cops to view blacks with suspicion. The reality is the JS Roundhouse Mid, AKA “Handcuff” is downright ugly. Adidas has a Facebook page set up promoting the sneakers, expected to “drop in August.”

Jeremy Scott and Adidas Sink to New Low with JS Roundhouse Mid “Handcuff” Sneakers (Photo Credit: BeYouSite)

Why would anyone in their right minds want to wear sneakers that glorify HANDCUFFs (AKA SHACKLES) that wrap around the ankles. Um, remember when blacks were shackled and packed like sardines in ships and transported from Africa to the “New World?” Why would anyone want to wear shoes that mock the atrocities blacks underwent in this country and glorify the criminal elements of our present-day society? Maybe I am overreacting, but this is insulting on so many levels. Of course, many young men will be lining up at their local malls to purchase a pair, with their sagging pants and all. SMH.

UPDATE#1:  Adidas scraps plan for “thug” sneakers after unprecedented backlash. Jeremy Scott should be ashamed of himself and Adidas even more so for making this all about money and glorifying prison life. Shameful.

  • Dasd

    Clearly you know nothing and the irony is your article is sad, just as judgemental as anyone else

    • Dasd — Really? So glorifying a prison culture is okay with you?