Drudge Report, Romney Campaign Upset Over Obama “Health Reform Still a BFD” T-Shirt

Drudge Report, Romney Campaign Upset Over Obama “Health Reform Still a BFD” T-Shirt

The Republicans, or Rethuglicans as I like to call them, are still reeling from Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts’ move to the left in upholding Obamacare. This time, they are taking aim at a t-shirt being sold by Obama for America (OFA), which pokes fun at healthcare reform.

Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom took aim at the Obama campaign for its “Health reform still a BFD” t-shirt. BFD stands for Big Fucking Deal, saying it’s unpresidential. Um, this is coming from Mitt Romney, who impersonated a police officer, attacked a fellow-classmate because he was perceived to be a homosexual, and went on a fake gangster-style stick up of the Princeton Prep Shoppe.

Where did the whole “BFD” thingy come from? None other than the vice presidential gaffe-machine Joe Biden. He was caught on mic telling the president in 2012 that the health care legislation was a “big fucking deal.” The Obama campaign was trying to raise money off “BFD.” I laugh at the criticism from the right because some conservatives have literally crucified John Roberts for moving to the left, some even taking aim at his epilepsy, specifically Mike Savage (who was declared persona non grata in the UK)  saying he may have forgotten to take his medicine. So, the Big Fucking Deal t-shirt pales in comparison to some of the hurtful things said about John Roberts in the last 24 hours and counting.

  • ottomedic51

    I plan to vote for Pres. Obama in November but I do think that this certain shirt shouldn’t be sold. Don’t get me wrong, anyone has a right to wear it but I prefer to wear a shirt that doesn’t have a connection to the “F” word. I believe we can still get the message across to all without using that word. I am a proud Democrat but I do have Christian values and don’t think our party needs to sink to that kind of level to sell t-shirts. I will be buying a t-shirt to wear proudly, in Texas, but I prefer to wear a shirt that I can wear around my 10 year old Democrat daughter. GO OBAMA!!!!!