“Kill Scott Walker” as “Angry Liberals” Flood Twitter Over Tom Barrett’s Loss to Scott Walker in WI Recall Election

We live among some really crazy people. After Barrett’s defeat, a few liberals took to Twitter to rant about the loss and to threaten Scott Walker’s life. Come on people, it’s only an election. What I find interesting is that most of the tweets aggregated by Michelle Malkin’s website, Twitchy, seems to have been made by African Americans and that’s very disturbing. Here’s a sampling of the death threats on Twitter, as aggregated by Michelle Malkin:

They also threatened Scott Walker’s wife and son, though those tweets aimed at his wife seems to have been deleted:

The Milwaukee Police Department said it is evaluating the death threats against Gov. Scott Walker. Thanks to people like MSNBC’s Ed Schultz and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the wingnuts are out in full force. It’s okay to disagree about the outcome of the election, but Scott Walker won and there’s no need to threaten his life. Um, just imagine the mayhem if Obama loses to Mitt Romney in November?

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     Thanks to people like MSNBC’s Ed Schultz and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the wingnuts are out in full force.

    I have a tear in my eye after reading this from you Janet.
    I am so proud of you for this bit of balance that I won’t even ask you about your opinion regarding the entire Recall Election OR if you believe that the death threats against Scott are EQUAL to those made against Obama despite Scott being White.

    • Constructive Feedback — Now that’s funny! LMAO. A tear in your eye. Hah. Hey, the recall election is what is it. Scott Walker won, not sure if fair and square, but he won. That’s it. Let’s move on. Maybe Obama’s presence would not have helped Tom Barrett to win, but he could have at least shown his face as the leader of the Democratic Party instead of tweeting his support. Typical wrong move by Democrats.

  • Pelmo

    Janet you should have icluded the whole staff of MSNBC as a bunch of NUTS…Except for Hannity, the bunch at FOX look like alter boys compared to the so called reporters on MSNBC.

    • Pelmo:

      That’s not quite accurate.

      You should resist making comparisons between MSNBC and Fox News and INSTEAD – listen to the Progressive-Fundamentalists who CAN’T ACCEPT that they are JUST LIKE FOX NEWS in their own way.

      From their perspective they are “The Truth”.

      We must also note that the prevailing consciousness among Black people is that MSNBC represents the “Black Agenda”, in as much as this agenda involves fighting Fox News and Conservatives.

    • Pelmo — Sean Hannity has done his fair share of mudslinging.

  • Ron

    Of course these tweeters are people who hate the USA and want to destroy us. We need to treat them accordingly. 

  • Lordadmiralmarc

    I get annoyed at this? The anger is at Scott Walker?? If I were a Liberal Democrat, I would be more angry that President Obama or Joe Biden was no where in sight in Wisconsin on the day of the Special Election. Where were they? Obama had time to give Bon Jovi an Airplane ride on Air Force 1 the day before.   Joe Biden is always talking how he supports Unions in America. They both had a serious opportunity to back up what they say and they both turned their backs on a History making election. I know Barack Obama sent his love on a Twitter Tweet.  I seriously hope the people of Wisconsin remember this in November. Where was their President when they needed him? Then again, Where was the Democratic Party?? Where was Joe Biden??? I hope the Democrats ask “Where will Wisconsin be this November.”