Neither President Obama Nor First Lady Michelle Obama Scheduled to Commemorate D-Day

Neither President Obama nor First Lady Michelle Obama, who has made military families a platform issue, have nothing planned for D-Day celebrations. In fact, President Obama, who is hitting the beach in sunny California, took to Twitter to pay his respects on the 68th anniversary of America’s brutal landing on Normandy shores. Obama will be in San Francisco for two fundraisers and then moving on to two more in Beverly Hills. Don’t expect better from Mitt Romney either, considering he didn’t serve in his country’s military but instead did “missionary” work all from high priced digs.

Obama’s D-Day tweet:

Um, I seriously doubt he tweeted this himself. Someone from his campaign probably did. Well, like President Obama’s failure to show up in Wisconsin to support Tom Barrett in his bid to unseat Gov. Scott Walker in the recall election, he has missed an opportunity to reach out to the military community and to America on such an important anniversary.

Obama is making a political mistake by ignoring this  holiday for a number of reasons, most significant is the fact that the Department of Veterans’ Affairs said swing states Florida and Pennsylvania are among the top five states, in terms of veterans’ population. I can’t understand how someone who ran such an impeccable campaign in 2008 can seem like a deer caught between two headlights four years later. Obama failed to mark D-Day for the last two years, though he did give a speech marking the 65th anniversary. SMH.

  • Pelmo

    Like you Janet, I am totally confused by the President’s actions. Is he really that confident that he will win without putting up any effort. Does he think that voters will turn out the same way as they did in 08? Even a lot of staunch Obama backers are having second thoughts. They might not vote for Romney, but they will not turn out in droves to vote for Obama.

    • Pelmo — He has a knack for interjecting himself in things that have nothing to do with the presidency and ignoring other things that are. Go figure. I would have thought he would try to appeal to the military since many of the veterans are running to Mitt Romney.