Tennessee Dads Terry Turnage, Richard Colbert, Desmond Hatchett Pay No Child Support for 78 Kids by 46 Different Women

Tennessee Dads Terry Turnage, Richard Colbert, Desmond Hatchett Pay No Child Support for 78 Kids by 46 Different Women (Daily Mail)
It is a disgrace that three men in Tennessee have 78 kids by 46 different women between them and aren’t paying child support on any of those children.  Terry Turnage, who has 23 children with 17 different women; Richard Colbert who has 25 children with 18 women; and Desmond Hatchett, who has 30 children with 11 women, should be castrated. These three men are doing their very best not to pay one dime in child support payments. Instead, they want to taxpayers of Tennessee to subsidize their careless lifestyle.

Terry Turnage, Desmond Hatchett and Richard Colbert are the kinds of low-life black fathers Obama was referring to when he delivered a Father’s Day speech at a black church a few years ago. These three men, and all the others just like them, should be forced to work multiple jobs by the state to take care of their children. Throwing them in jail doesn’t solve the problem. This is also very disturbing from a health perspective that these men could engage in unprotected sexual intercourse with so many different women. This is just plain nasty.

  • Eyes of TX

    This is disgusting on so many levels. I agree these men should be made to work and turn over every single dime….castration sounds like a good idea. But what of all the irresponsible silly women that had a baby with these fools? They didn’t know of all the mans other children and baby mommas? These poor children will live a life of shame because their parents made reckless choices.

  • DiAnn

    Women-Be more selective.  Men will do what you allow.  i blame the mothers. Don’t fornicate.

    • donna

      Teri… i agree with Diann its their on fault they sld hav kw better, jus dnt lay up n not use any type of protection, thats crazy not only can they get baby’s, they kw they can also get other things.. they kw that, jus think b4 u act, a min. of sex can cause a life tyme of pain.PPL die every day frm. AIDS they kw that…

      • Donna — Both sides are complicit in creating this mess. One would think practicing safe sex was important to many, but I guess some people still don’t care, until they contract an incurable sexually transmitted disease. Unfortunately, these children will be taken care of by our tax dollars because their parents valued a few minutes of pleasure over using common sense.

  • None

    Those 30 odd something women chose to have a million kids with these irresponsible guys and then carry those children to term. If anything the stupid women who went along with this are just as guilty as these guys. You should think twice before having a child with a player like that. Women don’t to take any responsibility for their actions in our society.

    • Sam

      Except Bum Black Men are not the custodial parents the women are as usual cause BBM don’t raise their kids. Disgusting and another reason why I avoid BM -no personal responsibility!!

  • SomeBloke

    I could tell this must have been written by a woman, because absolutely zero blame was placed on any of them for this situation. It only takes a man and his penis to make a baby, obviously.

  • xar

    Castration is a bit excessive and quite appalling that you, as a human, would even mention something like that.

    • Xar — Well, you take care of these 78 kids then.

  • let me say this what people don’t realize that sometimes those men don’t even mention the other children and do you expect a woman to do a back ground check on every single guy they date or sleep with. I know some body that went through this and she never knew about the other kids

  • standingblack

    No one cares

  • knock up a man !

    Wow ! It truly comes down to this thought . Before you have sex, especially “raw” sex you MUST have these two things … 1. An AIDS test and 2. A Social Security Number. And even If you do have these two things nothing is guaranteed … Hey people it’s called Love but its really the luck of the draw, Love, go figure !

  • WTF has to do with these men. Nothin he taken care of his kids. Are people stupid and dumb enough to say White me don’t have kids they don’t take care of or deny. There are men of every race who are trifling. Not just these Three.

  • Another blame the black man for a bunch of women targeting him to get pregnant by, while not knowing if he has any kids since no DNA tests have been done. All the child support orders are default orders because he saw no sense in going to court figuring he would lost either way.