Frank Hayward Jr. Kills Wife and Daughter, in Double Murder-Suicide, Son in Serious Condition

frank hayward jr kills wife and daughter

Frank Hayward Jr. Kills Wife and Daughter, in Double Murder-Suicide, Son in Serious Condition

CALVERT COUNTY MURDER-SUICIDE:  Frank Hayward Jr. killed his wife, Cynthia Hayward, and daughter Natalee Hayward, before taking his life in a double murder-suicide. The couple’s son, Frank Hayward III suffered severe burns and cuts to his neck. He is listed in serious condition. The Washington Post reports sheriff’s deputies responded to the home Tuesday morning after receiving an anonymous call about a domestic disturbance at their Owings, MD, home.

The couple reportedly had a stormy relationship with Cynthia Hayward filing for divorce in 2007. The couple went through a limited divorce, which  is incomplete, means the couple agreed on financial, residential and custody matters but the mandatory one year separation period was not complete, the Washington Post reports. The couple has had a troubled marriage, with Cynthia Hayward previously requesting a restraining order, but went before the judge and said they wanted to go to counseling.


Sen. Harry Reid: Bain Investor Says Mitt Romney Didn’t Pay Taxes for 10 Years

More trouble for Mitt Romney as Sen. Harry Reid dropped an interesting comment during an interview with the Huffington Post — A Bain investor told him that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years Say what? Of course, Reid was quick to say he didn’t know if it’s true, but unless Mitt Romney will release his tax returns to dispel that rumor, the Democrats will continue goading Romney.

Huffington Post:  Saying he had “no problem with somebody being really, really wealthy,” Reid sat up in his chair a bit before stirring the pot further. A month or so ago, he said, a person who had invested with Bain Capital called his office.

“Harry, he didn’t pay any taxes for 10 years,” Reid recounted the person as saying. “He didn’t pay taxes for 10 years! Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain,” said Reid. “But obviously he can’t release those tax returns. How would it look?

‘Red Tails’ Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. Wanted by NOLA Police for Bar Fight on Bourbon Street

Warrant issued for Cuba Gooding Jr.’s arrest lifted after he spoke to NOLA Police Department.

Cuba Gooding, Jr. in Los Angeles in April 2008

‘Red Tails’ Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. Wanted by NOLA Police for Bar Fight on Bourbon Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cuba Gooding Jr. is too old to be arrested for fighting in a bar. New Orleans police have issued an arrest warrant for “The Red Tails” and “Jerry Maguire” star after an altercation at the Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street early Tuesday morning. Gooding is accused of shoving a female bartender.

TMZ:  The star, 44, became agitated and started swearing when bar patrons who recognized began taking photos, a witness said.

When the female bartender approached the actor and asked him to leave, he allegedly pushed her up against the wall.

Police are now under orders to arrest Cuba on sight. The star is currently in New Orleans to film The Butler, about a White House employee who serves eight Presidents over the course of three decades, with Oprah Winfrey and Lenny Kravitz.

Shame on you Cuba Gooding Jr. if you assaulted a woman. What is this? Mid-life crisis?

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Obama Campaign Adviser Robert Gibbs Says Romney’s Trip Overseas an ‘Embarrassing Disaster’

The Obama campaign wasted no time in piling on to the train wreck called Mitt Romney’s overseas trip gaffe after gaffe. Obama senior adviser Robert Gibbs called it an “embarrassing disaster.”

Buzzfeed:  “It is clear that the opportunity to credential his beliefs with the American voters was nothing short for Mitt Romney of an embarrassing disaster on this trip,” Obama senior adviser Robert Gibbs told reporters on a conference call.

Earlier in the call, Gibbs said that the trip “Certainly didn’t prove to anyone that [Romney] passed the commander-in-chief test” and that “Particularly alongside the trip Senator Obama took in 2008, there’s simply no comparison.”

Romney is certainly no more ready for the international stage than Sarah Palin was in 2008, even with all the vast business experience he has. This has been an utter mess.

#Romneyshambles, If You Loved George W. Bush, Then You Will Also Love Mitt Romney

The Financial Times has a great article at Mitt Romney’s “tough talk,” mainly to appease the ultra right wing, including the fabulously rich. The problem is Mitt Romney, who governed as a moderate in Massachusetts, is trying to be “severely conservative” to the point of sounding ridiculous:

Mr Romney has already called Russia, America’s “number one geopolitical foe”, and promised to designate China a “currency manipulator” on his first day in office – a move that could be a prelude to trade sanctions. In Israel, over the weekend, he came close to encouraging an attack on Iran.


Does Mr Romney believe all this good and evil, moral clarity stuff that he is tossing out for the Republican faithful? Who knows. I suspect that, after years of campaigning, Mr Romney himself struggles to remember what he actually believes. My guess is that his inner core, if he has one, would incline him to a coldly pragmatic foreign policy rather close to that of Mr Obama. Mr Romney is an establishment man and his campaign does not suggest he is driven by unbending principle.

The trouble is that campaign rhetoric cannot all be wiped away, like an Etch A Sketch, the moment that the candidate wins the White House. Mr Romney is currently staking out positions that would pursue him into office – to the detriment of America and the world. Source

If I recall correctly, the tough talk from George W. Bush got us no where. We invaded Iraq on a lie, allowed Osama bin Laden to escape Afghanistan into Pakistan and presided over the near-collapse of Wall Street and the mortgage meltdown.  We were widely reviled on the international stage after George W. Bush’s two terms in office. So much so, that an Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at Bush during a trip to Iraq. The ultimate sign of disrespect.

A trade war with China, a confrontation with Russia and war with Iran will certainly have far-reaching implications, worse than the tough economic climate we are dealing with. The biggest problem Mitt Romney faces is not being able to connect with Joe Six Pack. Just the Sheldon Adelson types. Even Ronald Reagan recognized he needed to mend fences with Russia, not continue the animosity.

Romney Aide Rick Gorka Tells Reporters ‘Kiss My Ass’ Near Tomb of Unknown Soldier in Warsaw

Rick Gorka kiss my ass

Romney Aide Rick Gorka Tells Reporters ‘Kiss My Ass’ Near Tomb of Unknown Soldier in Warsaw (Twitter)

#Romneyshambles: Rick Gorka, Mitt Romney’s traveling press secretary  “lost his cool and cursed at reporters who attempted to ask questions of the Republican presidential candidate in a public plaza near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw,” CNN reports. Gorka said,  “kiss my ass, this is a holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect.” He then told a reporter to “shove it.” Classy. Makes Sarah Palin seem to be full of grace and charm.

Politico later reported Gorka subsequently called two reporters to apologize. Wow, Mitt Romney continues to implode and show us that he’s a joke on the international stage.

As Romney was walking away from Pilsudski Square toward his vehicle, reporters asked him about his string of gaffes and whether he had any comment for Palestinians, some of whom took offense at the Republican’s suggestion Monday in Jerusalem that Israel’s economy is superior because of cultural advantages Israelis enjoy. Romney ignored the questions and got in his car. Source: Politico

Think Progress has a great take on the “kiss my ass” dustup.

Mitt Romney should have stayed home. Clearly he is not presidential material. What would he do if he had gone to Africa. Um, wait. That’s not the kind of crowd he wants to be around.

Mitt Romney blames the media for the gaffe-filled overseas fiasco of a trip:

National Journal: Asked about his missteps in an interview with Fox News’ Carl Cameron before he left Poland on Tuesday, Romney accused reporters of trivializing the substance of his trip and trying to divert attention from President Obama’s stewardship of the economy.

“And I realize that there will be some in the Fourth Estate, or whichever estate, who are far more interested in finding something to write about that is unrelated to the economy, to geopolitics, to the threat of war, to the reality of conflict in Afghanistan today, to a nuclearization of Iran,” Romney said, according to a transcript of the interview that aired on Tuesday morning. “They’ll instead try and find anything else to divert from the fact that these last four years have been tough years for our country.

Blaming the media? Like Bugs Bunny says when crossed, “you know this means war.”

Reaction on Twitter:


Watch the video:

Cathy Murch and Kids, Mitch Murch III and Mary Claire, Dead in Possible Double Murder-Suicide

Cathy Murch kills kids and self in double murder suicide

Glendale MO Mother Cathy Murch Kills Two Kids, Mitch Murch III and Mary Claire Murch, Self in Double Murder Suicide

GLENDALE DOUBLE MURDER-SUICIDE: Cathy Murch reportedly killed her 11-year-old son, Mitch Murch III and nine year old daughter, Mary Claire, before turning the gun on herself in an apparent double murder-suicide at her Glendale, MO, home Monday.

KSDK reports the victims were found in three different rooms and Mitch Murch, the husband and father of the children, was found performing CPR on his son when the police arrived.

The children were pronounced dead at an area hospital.

UPDATE#1 (08/01/12):  Police are now saying they aren’t so sure this was a murder suicide. Mitch Murch isn’t being named as a suspect, but this may not have been a murder-suicide.



EX-CNN Host TJ Holmes: ‘Driving While Black Ain’t No Joke’ After Being Pulled Over by Atlanta Cops

TJ Holmes Driving While Black Ain't No Joke

EX-CNN Host TJ Holmes: ‘Driving While Black Ain’t No Joke’ After Being Pulled Over by Atlanta Cops

#showmeyourpapers: Former CNN host TJ Holmes caused an uproar on Twitter when he tweeted that he was stopped by Atlanta police for no reason — driving while black. I understand how pissed off one would get about being pulled over for no reason. But you can’t always use race as the reason for your outrage at the police. Looking through the mirror on Holmes car, it appears one of the officers is a black woman. So, the whole race angle may be a moot point. I also found it amazing that Holmes refused to tell Dr. Michael Eric Dyson what kind of car he was driving, during his appearance on the “Ed Schultz Show” on MSNBC. He said he would discuss that at a later date.

Holmes also said the police officer asked him for proof of insurance and the bill of sale for the vehicle. That latter is interesting, pointing to a luxury car. But even so, does that mean it was stolen? Once the police run the tag number on the vehicle, they can determine if there is an active insurance policy on the vehicle. That’s the law in Georgia. They don’t need to see your policy to know if you have insurance on the vehicle or not. So the officer asking Holmes that question was ridiculous. In reality, it doesn’t matter what kind of car one drives, but I find it a little interesting that he wouldn’t disclose that.

On a personal note, I have lived in metro Atlanta for more than 12 years and I have never been pulled over by the police for ‘no reason.’ I have been pulled over twice for speeding. Both times the officers were white and were nothing but courteous to me.That doesn’t mean racial profiling doesn’t occur, but I have never had that experience.

#RomneyShambles: Mitt Romney Greeted by Ron Paul Supporters, Obama Chants in Gdansk Poland

07/31/12–#kissmyass: Romney traveling press secretary Rick Gorka tells reporters ‘kiss my ass’ and ‘shove it’ near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw.

Ron Paul revolution follows Mitt Romney to Gdansk Poland, People Chanting Obama, Obama.

#Romneyshambles:  Mitt Romney’s Polish trip was met with Ron Paul supporters, Buzzfeed reports. LMAO!  Romney’s public appearance in Gdansk was greeted by Ron Paul supporters as evidenced from Twitter. Follow this Twitter URL. This is an embarrassment to America. Not just to the Republicans or Democrats. It’s been a long time since a presidential candidate has been derided in such a manner. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich were right. Mitt Romney is the worst candidate to go up against Obama in the elections. He’s imploding all on his own.

Poland is one of many countries outside the U.S. that, despite never having Paul on any ballots, have Ron Paul contingents. The main website,, includes information about Ron Paul’s campaign, primary dates, even the current time in Texas, where Paul is from. The banner: “Kim jest Ron Paul?” (“Who is Ron Paul?”)

The group has garnered 2,000 likes on Facebook. Today won’t be the last we see of them: tomorrow, when Romney will be in Warsaw, there will be a planned demonstration outside his event. source: Buzzfeed

So, no matter which country he visited on his overseas trip, Romney has managed to piss someone off. What a wimp.

[Romney’s] speech on the “values of liberty” at Warsaw University on Tuesday is expected to seek to rekindle the flames of US cold war righteousness by featuring a strong attack on Russia and President Vladimir Putin’s rollback of democratic gains, while also criticising the US president, Barack Obama, for allegedly sacrificing the interests and security of central European democracy in favour of realpolitik with the Kremlin.

Romney has previously described Russia as America’s “No 1 geopolitical foe”, in contrast with Obama, who has sought to press “the reset button” in relations with Moscow. Source: Guardian

Here’s the reaction on Twitter:

Demonstration Planned for Romney in Poland:

Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver O.J. Murdock Commits Suicide Outside Tampa High School

Tennessee Titans wide receiver O. J. Murdock commits suicide

Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver O.J. Murdock Commits Suicide Outside Tampa High School (Getty Imaged)

NFL SUICIDE:  Tennessee Titans wide receiver O.J. Murdock commits suicide in his car out side Middleton High School in Tampa, Fl.

“At approximately 8:30 a.m., officers discovered the victim’s body in his car in front of Middleton High School with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound,” the police said in a release. “He was transported to Tampa General Hospital in critical condition where he died at 10:43 a.m.” Source