Andrew Lloyd-Webber Blames Eurovision Woes on Prevalence of Racism in Eastern Europe”

Jade Ewen & Andrew Lloyd Webber

Andrew Lloyd-Webber, with Jade Ewen, Says “Racism Prevalent in Eastern Europe” (Photo credit: Daniel Kruczynski)

Andrew Lloyd-Webber claims “racism is so prevalent in some Eastern European countries that a black singer couldn’t hope to win the Eurovision Song contest,” the Independent reports.

The Independent:  “I don’t think there’s any point beating around the bush,” Lord Lloyd-Webber said. “Did you see the Eurovision Song Contest this year? Well, if you had seen it, you might have noticed one thing – I don’t think there was one black face on the programme.”

Lord Lloyd-Webber led a nationwide search for the UK’s 2009 Eurovision entry and co-wrote the song, which was performed by Jade Ewen, a black singer from London. The host country was Russia and Ewen finished a creditable fifth. The peer said: “At the press conference in Moscow, I was asked: ‘Why have you brought a black artist?’

“I said, ‘Because she is the most talented artist that we had and I think she’s a major, major star’. I think we would have come second but there’s a problem when you go further east.”

It is ironic that Webber should make this assertion since UEFA’s European Championship 2012 was marred by racist taunts of black soccer players, in host countries Poland and the Ukraine, both in Eastern Europe. The Croatian and Russian Football Associations were charged with racial abuse. The United Nations defines Eastern Europe as consisting of Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, and the Ukraine.

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Gallup Poll Shows President Obama Widening Lead on Mitt Romney 48% to 43%

The latest Gallup tracking poll finds President Obama has opened up a five point lead over Mitt Romney, 48% to 43%. This marks President Obama’s largest lead since April.

I guess the attacks on Bain Capital, Romney’s evasiveness  on immigration after advocating self-deportation, the Supreme Court’s ruling the mandate in universal healthcare being constitutional, as well as the fact that Mitt Romney isn’t in a position to argue without people laughing about repealing Obamacare, since Romneycare is quite similar. Today they are not calling the mandate a tax, like Sen. Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Rep. John Boehner. Um, just like Romneycare. Rick Santorum said it best, “Mitt Romney is the worst Republican in American to run against Obama.”

Obama Widens Lead Over Romney

Gallup Poll Shows President Obama Widening Lead on Mitt Romney 48% to 43% (Gallup)

Um, that’s bigger news to me than Anderson Cooper coming out of the closet in an email to Andrew Sullivan. That was the worst kept secret. If it ever was a secret. Congrats to Anderson Cooper though. Like Patti LaBelle says, “you’ve got to be yourself, be yourself.”

Richard Sykes Sr. Kills Estranged Wife Linda Sykes, Self in Apparent Murder-Suicide in LaGrange GA

LAGRANGE MURDER-SUICIDE: Richard Sykes Sr. and wife Linda Sykes were found early Saturday morning in LaGrange, Ga. Linda Sykes was pronounced dead at the scene after deputies responded to a home in the 200 block of Jim Turner Road, while Richard Sykes Sr., 61, was found with gunshot wounds, but still alive. He was airlifted to an Atlanta hospital where he was pronounced dead on Sunday.

Richard Sykes Sr. and his wife recently separated after reportedly having marital problems. Deputies learned Richard Sykes Sr. had purchased a bicycle Friday and later that night, he parked his car at a secluded location on a road near the home and rode his bicycle to the said home, where the shooting occurred, the LaGrange News reports.


Gwinnett GA Teen Brittany Sailors Killed, Lacey Gowens Injured in Crash with Drunk Driver Mutajah Paasewe

Brittany Sailors killed

Gwinnett GA Teen Brittany Sailors Killed, Lacey Gowens Injured in Crash with Drunk Driver Mutajah Paasewe (Facebook)

DRUNK DRIVING:  Gwinnett County teen Brittany Sailors, 16, was killed by a drunk driver, Mutajah Paasewe, 23, about 9:40 p.m. Sunday night, as she attempted to make a left turn from Graystone Parkway onto Lakeview Road, according to a Gwinnett County police press release.

Mutajah Paasewe Drunk Driving

Mutajah Paasewe Charged with Driving Under Influence in Car Crash that Killed Brittany Sailors, Injured Passenger.

Sailors’ car, a Mitsubishi, was struck by a 1998 Pontiac Bonneville that was westbound on Lakeview Road. Neither Brittany Sailors nor her passenger, Lacey Gowens, 16, was wearing a seat belt, according to police. Brittany Sailors died at the scene, while her passenger, remains hospitalized, though her injuries aren’t life threatening.

Mutajah Paasewe, of Grayson, was charged with driving under the influence. He and his passenger, Dario Abreau, 19, were  taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Brittany Sailors and Lacey Gowens

Brittany Sailors (r) killed in fatal car crash with drunk driver, Lacey Gowens (l) hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries (Facebook)

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Brittany Sailors. It is imperative that we impress upon our young people that wearing a seatbelt is important when you are riding in a vehicle. It can literally save your life. Drunk driving is against the law and when will people stop playing Russian roulette with the lives of innocent people? More often than not, the drunk drivers who cause the accidents walk away with minor injuries.

Spike Lee’s Upcoming Coming-of-Age Drama “Red Hook Summer” Promises Intensity

Red Hook Summer poster

Spike Lee’s Upcoming Coming-of-Age Drama “Red Hook Summer” Promises Intensity (IMDB)

Spike Lee’s upcoming film, “Red Hook Summer,” promises to bring tension and drama, as he is known for in most of his movies. “Red Hook Summer” is a coming-of-age story about an Atlanta boy, Flik Royale, played by Jules Brown, who spends one summer in Red Hook, Brooklyn, under the watchful eye of his religious grandfather Bishop Enoch Rouse.

The movie is expected to hit the box office in the summer. The other cast members of “Red Hook Summer” include Thomas Jefferson Byrd, Toni Lysaith, Nate Parker, James Ransone, Colman Domingo and Spike Lee, who reprises the role of Mookie from Do the Right Thing.

Watch the trailer for “Red Hook Summer:”

Italian Doctor Dario Napolitano Arrested at Disney World for Kicking 3 Year Old Son in Face

Dr. Dario Napolitano

Italian Doctor Dario Napolitano Arrested at Disney World for Kicking 3 Year Old Son in Face

SHOCK:  Italian doctor Dario Napolitano kicks three year old son in the face while visiting Epcot Center after argument with wife. According to arrest reports, several witnesses saw Napolitano kick his son while he sat in his stroller during an argument with his wife and children, Central Florida News 13 reports.

His mother was said to be yelling ‘No, no, no,’ when it happened. The toddler was said to have been crying even before he was kicked in the face. An Epcot employee then ‘went up to the child and saw that his face was bloody and the child was crying hysterically’. During questioning through an interpreter, the doctor tried to blame his older son for the incident, according to. Source

Obviously Dr. Dario Napolitano has an anger management problem and shouldn’t be allowed to be around his kids or his wife, for that matter, until he gets some help.

Retired NASA Astronaut Captain Alan Poindexter Killed by Son in Jet Ski Crash on Little Sabine Bay

Captain Alan Poindexter killed

Retired Astronaut Captain Alan Poindexter Killed by Son in Jet Ski Crash on Little Sabine Bay (NASA)

SHOCK:  Retired astronaut Captain Alan Poindexter was killed after his 26 year old son, Zachary Poindexter, crashed into his jet ski with the one he was riding.

Captain Poindexter was knocked off his jet ski in Little Sabine Bay, the Pensacola News Journal reports.

Captain Alan Poindexter piloted the Atlantis space shuttle in 2008. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Captain Alan Poindexter. This can’t be easy knowing the son was responsible for his father’s death, no matter if it was accidental. Sad day for the family.


Cissy Houston Steals Show at Profanity-Laced BET Awards with Moving Tribute to Whitney Houston

Cissy Houston BET Awards

Cissy Houston Steals Show at BET Awards with Moving Tribute to Whitney Houston (Getty Images)

I literally cried listening to Cissy Houston’s rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” during the tribute to her late daughter Whitney Houston at last night’s BET Awards show. Our so-called young entertainers can learn a thing or two from Cissy Houston, who is still an exceptionally good singer at her age. Just like Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Bonnie Raitt, Tina Turner and Barbra Streisand.

Cissy Houston’s tribute was the emotional highlight of the evening. It started with heartfelt words from Mariah Carey about her friendship with Whitney Houston, followed by Monica’s rousing gospel rendition, with Brandi Norwood and Gary Houston setting the stage for the grand dame Cissy Houston’s rousing, emotional, tear0-jerking performance to the Simon & Garfunkel song. Chaka Khan capped off the tribute with her “I’m Every Woman” song, which she did with Whitney Houston back in the day.

Other than the Whitney Houston tribute, Frankie Beverly & Maze tribute (don’t know why Frankie Beverly couldn’t hit his notes), Yolanda Adams‘ performance with the other gospel singers and Melanie Fiona’s performance, the show was a bleep-fest. This is why BET Entertainment Network is a joke. They coddle entertainers like Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and others who belt out profanity-laced tunes.

As Yolanda Adams said last night to the young entertainers, “use your gift responsibly because our babies are watching,” that’s the same level of responsibility Debra Lee and BET should hold these entertainers at, instead of allowing this mess to hit the airwaves, knowing that kids watch the show. This is the continued dumbing-down of our kids. It was a complete disgrace that entertainment legends like Frankie Beverly, Cissy Houston and Chaka Khan, plus the children who were in the audience, had to sit through such a profanity-laced awards show. Total disgrace and Debra Lee should be ashamed to call herself CEO.

Watch Cissy Houston Steal Show at BET Awards 2012:

Fort Bragg Shooter Specialist Ricky Elder Dies from Gunshot Wounds

Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale

Fort Bragg Shooter Specialist Ricky Elder, Who Killed Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale, Dies from Gunshot Wounds (Reuters)

FORT BRAGG MURDER-SUICIDE:  The Army soldier who opened fire killing battalion commander Lt. Colonel Roy Tisdale last Thursday at Fort Bragg, N.C., has been identified as Specialist Ricky G. Elder, a 27 year-old infantryman from Kansas. Elder died after shooting himself last Thursday.

According to media reports, the Fort-Bragg murder-suicide may have been prompted by legal troubles that Specialist Ricky Elder had been experiencing both on the base and back home in Hutchinson, KS. Ricky Elder was accused of stealing a $1,700 toolkit from the base motor pool and was facing a court martial that could have ended with a dishonorable discharge.

Additionally, Elder pleaded guilty to a felony in November,  2011, for aggravated battery following an incident where he punched a woman in the face at a sports bar, leading to $60,000 in medical bills for the victim. The Hutchinson News, reports that Elder’s sentencing hearing was scheduled for Friday morning.