Rev. Ginger Strickland Allegedly Seduced Parishoner With Naked Skype Chats, Meet-Ups in Rectories

Rev. Ginger Strickland sexual misconduct
Rev. Ginger Strickland allegedly seduced parishoner with naked Skype chats, meet-ups  (NY Post)

Rev. Ginger Strickland, a lay pastor at Manhattan’s Church of the Incarnation is accused of seduction and sexual misconduct of a male parishioner, Erik Campano, after a four month affair that included naked webcam meetings on church computers and meet-ups in rectories, the New York Post reports. The church volunteer alleges in a report that Rev. Strickland, 33, used her religious authority to take sexual and emotional advantage of him before abruptly ending their relationship leading to his contemplation of suicide.

“God brought you to me,” Strickland told Erik Campano, 34, during their secret affair — using a line from a textbook on clergy sexual abuse. Their trysts occurred in a Paris rectory and on Skype video chats.

“On her initiation, we are naked . . . over church computers,’’ Campano wrote in a shocking complaint to church leaders obtained by The Post. They broke up about a month before her Dec. 11 ordination. It left him so devastated emotionally and spiritually that he considered suicide, Campano said.

“If you believe your relationship is blessed by God, a breakup means a failure to live out God’s will,” Campano told The Post. Strickland, from a Texas oil baron’s family, and Campano, from Queens, met in late 2010 at the American Church in Paris, where she held a job leading a youth ministry. He was going to medical school, attended services, and — at Strickland’s urging, he said — became a church volunteer. Source:  New York Post

Um, not to take Rev. Strickland’s side, but Erik Campano is a grown man and he knew what he was doing was absolutely wrong, so why let her “cajole” you into a sexual relationship? Why spill the beans when it ended? If the allegations are true, since Campano claims he kept emails and letters with x-rated statements, then Rev. Ginger Strickland is another pimp in the pulpit, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This sounds a lot like Mona Brewer trying to explain her 14 year adulterous relationship with the late Bishop Earl Paulk, who she claims told her he was her way to salvation. Um, really? She knew right from wrong and so did Erik Campano. SMH.

  • zippydirtbag

    I love how these people always talk about what god wants and use that to manipulate other people. God doesn’t want anything except you idiots to SHUT UP.

  • Just to clarify: I never used the word “seduce”. It’s not accurate. Rev. Strickland did not “seduce” me, nor anyone I know. Newspaper editors added the quotes to that word.

    Beyond that, I deeply hope that goodness, healing, and peace will emerge from a uniquely challenging situation for everyone involved.