Fort Bragg Shooter Specialist Ricky Elder Dies from Gunshot Wounds

Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale
Fort Bragg Shooter Specialist Ricky Elder, Who Killed Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale, Dies from Gunshot Wounds (Reuters)

FORT BRAGG MURDER-SUICIDE:  The Army soldier who opened fire killing battalion commander Lt. Colonel Roy Tisdale last Thursday at Fort Bragg, N.C., has been identified as Specialist Ricky G. Elder, a 27 year-old infantryman from Kansas. Elder died after shooting himself last Thursday.

According to media reports, the Fort-Bragg murder-suicide may have been prompted by legal troubles that Specialist Ricky Elder had been experiencing both on the base and back home in Hutchinson, KS. Ricky Elder was accused of stealing a $1,700 toolkit from the base motor pool and was facing a court martial that could have ended with a dishonorable discharge.

Additionally, Elder pleaded guilty to a felony in November,  2011, for aggravated battery following an incident where he punched a woman in the face at a sports bar, leading to $60,000 in medical bills for the victim. The Hutchinson News, reports that Elder’s sentencing hearing was scheduled for Friday morning.

  • Corpse Puncher

    This is NOT what PTSD does to you. This kid is a grade-A shitbag. He was a shitbag before he joined the Army, and if humans possess immortal souls, he’s a shitbag who is now burning in hell.

    People should just be able to steal whatever they want and not face justice, right Ricky? The gall of that Battalion Commander to charge you with stealing a tool-kit worth two grand. He should have just let you walk away with it, right Ricky?

    Also, people should just be allowed to punch women in the face, whenever they want, right Ricky? And anyone who disagrees with you isn’t being sensitive to your PTSD.

    Fucking pussy-ass drama queen. I hope someone figures out a way to give LTC Tisdale’s family your SGLI. His poor wife and kids, getting that phone call when he’s not even deployed. Ricky, if I ever see your corpse, I will punch it in its god damned corpse face.