Karl Laventure High on Bath Salts Threatens to Eat Faces at Atlanta Golf Club

Karl Laventure Atlanta zombie attack
Karl Laventure High on Bath Salts Threatens to Eat Faces at Atlanta Golf Club (Fox 5)

ATLANTA ZOMBIE ATTACK:  Police tasered Karl Laventure, believed to be high on bath salts, after he charged at them wielding the Atlanta Golf Center in Lilburn, Ga., June 14. After they managed to subdue Laventure, he threatened to eat them.

Karl Laventure reportedly appeared out of some woods and was seen running naked around a golf range near Atlanta and swinging a club around his head as he screamed, WSBTV reports. Apparently he didn’t blink when he was pepper sprayed and was momentarily subdued when tasered.

Police say Karl Laventure was tasered a total of 14 times to get him under control. Laventure was charged with misdemeanor offenses of disorderly conduct and obstruction.

  • This is for the news. For any developing story on my whole bath salt story. I just want to put a halt to this before it gets any further than it needs to and I waste your time. So that you can bring the public some news that matters, not on a kid who is struggling to become a man. All my life I have been labeled and idiot and have been taken advantaged of because of it. First by my friends, my parents, and even by the figure that I’ve come to respect the by that is God. I am not crazy enough to do bath salts and never would. I simply said that so I wouldn’t receive any charges for my foolish actions but ended up on probation anyways. I smoked a blunt of marijuana that was pre-rolled for me in my personal backwood pouch then went to go to the studio to make music. Now I started feeling guilty because my father trusted me with the car just to go to work and instead I went to go make music. I’ve always felt ashamed for doing the things I love. For example I want to let my hair grow but my father goads me to cut it off as well as other public figures. I always get pressured to do things I don’t want to do and from time to time I bend my back just to please the antagonist. Not to be putting any blame on anyone but myself but I spent my whole life in a Christian home and even though I claim to be non-denominational I tend to succumb to rules of other religion for their satisfaction. Shavon Lee is a dear friend of mine and can attest to that. I followed the Sabbath on several occasions for her and her roommates sake when I KNOW that the Sabbath is supposes to be followed daily. Now that is my own opinion and I don’t mean to offend the public. Now I am not some poor kid who needs help, I am a man, and simply want my words, these words to be judged by the public. Not my face, my lifetime story, or what not. If I want to be a bringer of drama I have Maury and Jerry Springer numbers on hand. Anyways there is a situation that I want to be shared with you guys so that you don’t think I’m crazy or some kind of animal needed to be behind a cage. I have a friend by the name of Steven Graham who took me to his school at GA STATE to take part in some spring break parties. I know plenty of people because of my friendly candor so I felt kind of privileged to do so. I went out of my way to supply the funds for the party. I brought the women, I brought the music, I brought the drugs. Now we all had such a good time that we felt comfortable enough to take it to the next step. One out of the 2 females didn’t feel so comfortable therefore she exited the bathroom facility to the living room. The other one stayed. I mind you that both were more than well enough to speak so were free to leave at anytime. After we all had our fun the females exited the premises with Steven in the morning. Now one of the females is saying that they do not remember the events after having to face her roommate/girlfriend who picked her up. Now that lead for her roommate/girlfriend to feel empowered to take the female to the hospital in efforts for the doctors to see if there were any way they may be able to help her remember. Sadly their efforts were in vain. The only people who well trained enough to discover these forgotten thoughts are the police. So detectives did their duty and were more than able to do their job with godly like speed. They were able to find me and my colleagues in the Steven’s dorm room in 2 days time. They kindly took us to the detective’s room for questioning. Not much was gained from my first report so the detective kindly asked me again to return a week later. I complied. This time she asked me where was it that I found these drugs for the party. Now earlier that day a friend of mine told me to stop doing drugs and told me in efforts of me to stop following his mistakes just to call him for some “legal” drugs from Emory Hospital. I played the fool though and believed him and told him at the end that I understand the message and I will stop buying drugs. Now when the detective had asked me where I found the drugs I told her these drugs are legal and are sold in stores like spice which is synthetic weed. Now when she had asked me for the supplier I supplied her with 2 names. In hopes of that clearing me to go home and go back to work. I was sadly mistaken. She told me to call him in hopes of setting up a transaction to call him. I played the fool and I did. Now for my foolish deeds I had to do a fool’s work and write another statement. I was in the office for hours more, and my mother had to suffer and wait and I was late to work. I have no one to blame but myself. I use to go by this whole saying “if you play stupid you see stupid” but no one told me I would be stupid.lol. Anyways I didn’t think they would seriously be investigated because I would think they were doing this for the girls sake who couldn’t remember the party. Not to catch a drug consumer. But sadly they want to make me look like a drug dealer. Which I was..but I was man enough to give that up follow some sound advice from the only friend that accepted me for who I was and I made a right choice of letting that go. Steven tried to frame me for rape by trying to force me to change my statement but I can’t lie to the law. I have always respected the law. I mean following the law is a whole different story because I commit crimes to myself every day. I lie to myself, I steal from myself, I murder myself, all in hopes to follow God but I can’t let those parts of me go. I try hard but in the end I am just like everybody else. I’m human. My biggest role model is MF DOOM. I love this guy. He calls himself supervillain and talks about himself when he needs someone to hate on. He’s being honest. We cant expect to agree with what every person says or do but we must accept and go on about our business. If we need someone to hate then we should hate on ourselves because we are all alike. I really didn’t expect to be patronized with questions for living my life so I run..I was conscious the whole time I was “on bath salts”. I ran because I was scared that I felt good on weed and I thought that was the devil.lol. I didn’t have faith. I ran to the golf course because there is an officer for the sandy springs police department who saved my life. Officer Hanse. He was on the phone talking about golfing and he told me he’s been doing this for a long time and I felt comforted that I’m not the only one. So I ran to the golf course because before I die I want to learn how to golf. I don’t have no technique so I started asking the guys how to do it. There was an asian guy who looked like mr. Miyagi and I asked him and he showed me. ONE TIME. After that he told me to leave him alone. I kept swinging and swinging but I had got upset so I took of my shirt and shoes to do take in a feel of the motions. After that I finally got it. The lady told me I had to leave but I was scared because I had to face the reality that I had no money. I bowed down to the asian man because I had looked forgiveness for not being a good student. And I tried to take a golf club with me so I can practice some more but she told me I cant. I then jumped in the water because I was mad and wanted to cool off. People were looking at me crazy so I felt like I was being judged and started saying my thoughts out loud.lmao. Then I say the police and ran to them hoping that they can protect me from being attacked by these people judging me. But they thought I was crazy and was a threat. I was because I am so scared of being judged and looking like a bad guy. I just started screaming out all the crazy things in my head and was saying I will do anything not to be judged anymore. I want to be free but I can’t. I’m still living at home with my parents at the age of 21 so freedom isn’t an option.lol. This isn’t the 1st time that this has happened. There was one more time when I had used to take coricidin to get high along with marijuana to get me high when I didn’t have enough money to buy weed. Now I don’t even remember what happened exactly then but my friend was a witness and said that I wasn’t even myself. I stripped down, ran to a guys house and wrestled him saying God is real. Then when the police detained me I was saying that I was the hulk, wolverine, and all these other superheros.lol. It’s a shame but I can’t do nothing about it. I can only live my life from this day forward and take shame for the trouble I’ve been to other people trying to preach something everybody already should know. I’ve caused a lot of hell trying to be everybody’s fool. And now im on the news looking like one. People think its cool that I’ve been tased 14 times.lol. I might as well be a menace to society. I don’t even have a desire to smoke no more which is pretty hard for some to believe because I was a habitual smoker. I’m regularly the peacemaker in situations but its pretty daunting and makes me lose peace in myself so I will have to learn how to drink. But in moderation since I am 21 but alcohol makes me into a nasty person that I don’t like to see so I might just drink champagne.

    • What were you on then? Surely no person with all their faculties working threatens to “eat faces.” So, what happened? As a parent, I wouldn’t want to see my kids wandering around life aimlessly. You have a lot ahead of you and could be successful if you tried, so why not kick the bad habits out of your life? By bad habits I mean, stop using marijuana and whatever else you are using. Surely you can’t expect us to believe marijuana caused that hot mess at the golf center.

      Come on young man, it’s time to turn your life around and save yourself from sure destruction. Even your account sounds incredulous. In any case, I hope you get some help because something is very wrong. You deserve better, but you have to want better and do better.