Late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s Mother Katherine Jackson Reported ‘Missing’

Katherine Jackson reportedly missing
Late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s Mother Katherine Jackson Reported ‘Missing’
The Jackson family drama continues with an investigation launched the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide/Missing Persons Unit after a report Katherine Jackson was ‘missing.’ According to CNN, Katherine Jackson’s nephew, Trent Jackson, reported she was missing after her grandchildren were unable to contact her last week.

Money and power-hungry son, Jermaine Jackson, tweeted, that his mother was resting up in Arizona on doctor’s orders and not missing. You will recall some of the siblings are contesting Michael Jackson’s will, saying that his signature was forged. They are shocked he left them out of his will. Um, no surprise since he basically seemed to have left them out of his life when he was alive. Why did they expect differently in death? Crazy people. RadarOnline reports that Mrs. Jackson was blind-sided by the letter written by her children Janet, Rebie, Tito, Randy, and Jermaine Jackson demanding that the Jackson Estate executors John Branca and John McClain resign immediately because they believe that the late singer’s will was a fake. Um, this is all about money. I thought Janet Jackson had her own money.

I guess this question comes to mind, who’s watching Michael Jackson’s children with Mrs. Jackson supposedly missing? I thought she had custody of the three kids. Katherine Jackson is probably hiding from her money-grubbing kids. This drama is shameful nonetheless. I hope she is found quickly.

Frantic tweets from Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson:

UPDATE#1 (07/22/12): TMZ reports, “The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department issued a release that says, “Katherine Jackson is reportedly with family members. Late Saturday night, a different family member reported that he was unable to speak with her and is concerned for her well being. Deputies are continuing to make efforts to reach her and ask that she contact the Malibu / Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.”

UPDATE#2 (07/22/12): Celebuzz: “A doctor with ties to Dr. Conrad Murray — the convicted criminal who administered a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol to singer Michael Jackson — tricked Katherine Jackson into believing he was treating her on behalf of her regular physician in the moments before she disappeared, according to a lawyer for the famed matriarch. In another bizarre development in the mysterious and apparent “disappearance” of 82-year-old Katherine, attorney Sandra Ribera said the doctor — who she would not name — claimed to be working for the octogenarian’s personal physician and instructed her to fly and drive to her sons’ Unity Tour concerts in New Mexico, Arizona and Las Vegas, as she had long planned.”