Liberal Group: Mitt Romney So White He Makes “Wonder Bread Look Like Pumpernickel”

Mitt Romney and Wonder breadIs GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney too white for blacks? Um, the Drudge Report is going nuts over a Washington Examiner article that claims a liberal group, headed by former Media Matters for America president Eric Burns, former AOL chief creative officer and co-founder of and former NY times journalist Andrew Zipern are pushing a campaign saying why blacks don’t like Romney, who they claim is so white he makes “Wonder Bread look like pumpernickel.” This is ahead of Mitt Romney’s Wednesday address to the NAACP. I’m so glad I grabbed a screen shot from the Drudge Report, because all reference to the so-called smear is gone from the site.

Wonder Bread (Canadian packaging)
Liberal Group Claims Romney So White He Makes “Wonder Bread Look Like Pumpernickel” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m shaking my head at this one. I don’t like Mitt Romney because he’s a humongous flip-flopper who doesn’t seem to have a plan for what ails this country and one who can’t be trusted because he would rather invest a big chunk of his wealth in off-shore bank accounts. I also don’t like him because he doesn’t seem to be at ease with people of less financial means. Even though George W. Bush was wealthy, he was very comfortable around blacks, as evidenced from his trips to Africa during his presidency. Mitt Romney has ONE black person on his campaign staff. The group claims it’s satire. You be the judge:

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  • Janet:

    Worse than Obama being comfortable around BLACK PEOPLE – his presence in the White House has compelled many BLACK PEOPLE to COMPROMISE THEIR “Institutional Integrity” as they figured that criticism of THE STATE with Obama in power (ie: US Military operations) would be detrimental to his election chances.

    I am trying to understand how it is that a MACHINE THAT GOT A PEOPLE’S INVESTMENT FOR 45 YEARS and which functions as ITS VOICE – is not a GREATER THREAT as it prepares itself to take up YET ANOTHER MASSIVE ROUND OF INVESTMENTS in 2012 is A LESSER THREAT than a MACHINE who not only won’t get many of these resources but the JOURNALISTIC FORCES that PURPORT to protect the BLACK INTERESTS are focusing on the EXTERNAL ENEMIES as the CITIES where Black people live are collapsing.

    Can you explain this one Janet?

    It seems like the behavior of a TEAM MATE rather than an INVESTOR.