Lisette Bamenga Kills Her Two Kids, Trevor Noel Jr. and Lillian Noel, Botches Suicide Attempt

Trevor Noel Jr. and siter Liliane killed
Lisette Bamenga Kills Her Two Kids, Trevor Noel Jr. and Liliane Noel, Botches Suicide Attempt

SHOCK:  Suicidal mother Lisette Bamenga gave her two kids, five year old Trevor Noel Jr. and his 4-month-old sister Lillian,  “a fatal drink containing chemical de-icer” and then turning on the gas in her Bronx apartment before attempting suicide by slitting her wrists, the NY Daily News reports. Police reportedly found a suicide note from Bamenga near the bodies of the two kids, saying they would be in “a better place.” The father of the children, Trevor Noel, is a first-year police officer with the New York Police Department.

Bamenga tried sealing the windows of the ninth-floor Nobel Ave. home with plastic and tape before turning on the burners of her gas stove, according to the source.

She then slashed her wrists in a failed attempt to kill herself.

An upstairs tenant in the building called 911 just before midnight Thursday to report a gas leak. First responders arrived at 11:53 p.m. to find a gruesome sight inside apartment 9N: The unresponsive Trevor Noel Jr. and his 4-month-old sibling Liliane lying on the floor inside the southeast Bronx home. Source: NY Daily News

There are no words to describe the immense sorry I feel for these two children and their father. Obviously Lisette Bamenga is mentally ill. How else can you explain why a mother would kill her two children. Could this have been the result of postpartum depression? Still, it’s very sad. Our thoughts and prayers go out to both families.

UPDATE#1: Lisette Bamenga, who taught at PS 58 in Brooklyn, was charged with two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of her children, allegedly in retaliation against her husband, a police officer with Manhattan’s 28th Precinct, for having an affair.