MA Police Officer John Perreault Fired for Calling Red Sox Player Carl Crawford a ‘Monday’

Officer John Perreault uses racial slur against Carl Crawford

MA Police Officer John Perreault Fired for Calling Red Sox Player Carl Crawford a ‘Monday’ (Daily Mail)

John Perreault, a Massachusetts police officer, was fired after shouting a racial slur, Monday, at Boston Red Sox black outfielder Carl Crawford. Perreault used the slur while Crawford was signing autographs before a game in New Hampshire when he was called a ‘Monday” by a heckler, John Perreault, in the stands. It should be noted that John Perreault, who was off-duty at the time, has a long history of being racially insensitive, Leominster Mayor Dean Mazzarella said, the Daily Mail reports.

The term ‘Monday’ can be used as a racist statement towards African-Americans and in some cases is tantamount to calling them a ‘n*****’, according to the Urban Dictionary. It comes from the common dislike for the first day of the working week and is often used in the hope the abused person will not be aware it is an insult.


Perreault’s attorney, Joseph Sandulli, said his client would either appeal through the civil service commission or file a grievance through the police union. Sandulli said Perreault didn’t intend the word as a racist insult and the city overreacted. ‘He was criticizing Crawford for being a bad player, not because he was a black man,’ Sandulli said. Source

Well, I learned something new. I really didn’t know the word ‘Monday’ can be used as a racial slur. In any case, the mayor made the right decision to fire him. His lawyer’s explanation is an affront to the black community, saying he was criticizing Crawford for being a bad player. Um, why not just call him a bad player, why use a racial slur?

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