Is Mitt Romney Forgetting the First Rule of Politics to Define Oneself Before Opponent Does?

Mitt Romney

Is Mitt Romney Forgetting the First Rule of Politics to Define Oneself Before Opponent Does? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney forgetting the first rule of politics to define oneself before the opponent does? Um, he can’t define himself because he is out of touch with just about every American on Main Street and in line with people like David Koch. That’s evident from one of his donors in the Hamptons saying “lower income people don’t understand what’s going on,” according to Think Progress.

The Note: “One of the first rules of politics is to define yourself before your opponent does it for you. The Obama campaign has made this its mantra with a relentless focus on making Mitt Romney out to be something of a cross between Gordon Gekko and George W. Bush.”

Mitt Romney was largely ignored during the 2008 presidential campaign when voters chose John McCain over him. He didn’t define himself then and he hasn’t done so during the 2012 campaign. Former presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich dinged him pretty bad, painting him as a) the worst Republican candidate to go up against Obama in the general elections; and b) as someone who fired many workers during his stint as CEO of Bain Capital.

The Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee are just picking up where Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich left off. Mitt Romney hasn’t “walked the real streets” of America as he claims, otherwise, he would have defined himself from the 2008 presidential campaign. One thing I know is that he’s a very liberal Republican masquerading as an ultra conservative to get votes. Mitt Romney = RINO.

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