Mitt Romney Insults Former Israeli Opposition Leader Shelly Yacimovich by Abruptly Cancelling Previously Planned Meeting

Mitt Romney insults Israeli opposition leader Shelly Yachimovich
Mitt Romney Insults Former Israeli Opposition Leader Shelly Yacimovich by Abruptly Cancelling Previously Planned Meeting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

#RomneyShambles: Mitt Romney apparently takes his marching order from from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to the Haaretz newspaper. Um, I didn’t realize we had a such a close relationship with Israel that they would be playing a role in how a presidential candidate runs his campaign. You see, his Israeli trip isn’t without controversy. The Haaretz reports Benjamin Netanyahu is behind Romney cancelling his meeting with former opposition leader Shelly Yacimovich. That meeting was already planned months ago. The other side to this issue is that he declined to meet a powerful woman in Israeli politics, which can be interpreted as an insult to women.

The two bureaus, Romney’s and Yacimovich’s, began coordinating the meeting, where and how long it would be along with a joint statement to the press. But a week ago, after Kadima head MK Shaul Mofaz left the government, Yacimovich ceased to be opposition leader. Labor Knesset faction head Yitzhak (Buzi) Herzog took the initiative and informed the Romney staff of the change in Yacimovich’s status, and requested that the meeting be cancelled.

Romney’s staff would have none of it. They told Herzog that they were au courant with happenings on the Israeli political scene, knew that Mofaz was now opposition leader (Romney will also meet with him), and insisted on holding the Yacimovich meeting as planned. Source:  Haaretz

The meeting was set for 1:30 p.m. at the King David Hotel Monday, but after a meeting with Netanyahu, Romney cancelled the meeting with the opposition.

And then Romney went into a meeting with Netanyahu at the Prime Minister’s Bureau in Jerusalem. During the course of the meeting the candidate’s staff contacted Herzog to inform him that the meeting had regrettably been cancelled, “for reasons of protocol.” Herzog and Yacimovich have no doubts: Netanyahu, or his people, didn’t approve of the Yacimovich meeting and pressured Romney to cancel it – and succeeded. Source:  Haaretz

This should come as no surprise, since Mitt Romney seems to have a problem following his own lead, which would be the same manner in which he will run his administration — George W. Bush-lite. This also comes as Mitt Romney’s campaign reversed its decision to bar reporters from his fundraiser, breaking protocol. Mitt Romney’s overseas trip has been a fiasco on so many levels. The Brits gave him the right name, a “wazzock.” How does one run for the presidency of the United States of America and hide so much details about oneself? The candidate and his wife went to the Western Wall, um what for? #WesternWall

The road to Washington goes through Israel, why?