Why Won’t Mitt Romney Release Tax Returns for More Than Two Years?

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Why Won’t Mitt Romney Release Tax Returns for More Than Two Years? (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Mitt Romney has made a calculated move not to release more than two years tax returns. If you think something isn’t behind this, then you are sadly mistaken. Add the fact that there is a great deal of murkiness about when he left Bain Capitaland you get a sh*tload of doubt planted in the minds of many Independents. Here’s an interesting take from John Cassidy:

John Cassidy says it’s “only fair to assume that Mitt is doing what he always does: acting on the basis of a careful cost-benefit analysis.” “But what information could the earlier tax returns contain that would be so damaging if it were brought out into the open? Obviously, we are entering the realm of speculation, but Romney has invited it.” “Here are four possibilities: 1. Extremely high levels of income… 2. More offshore accounts…. 3. Politically explosive investments… 4. A very, very low tax rate.”

The Republicans are even throwing Mitt Romney under a bus over this tax return issue. I wonder if they have some knowledge of what’s in those tax returns — you know, if the McCain people leaked it to some Republicans. Either way, it doesn’t look good.

GOP strategist Rick Tyler on MSNBC:  “He should have put it to rest  back in 2008 when he ran originally because he knew all these things were going to be problems. There’s clearly a problem with the tax returns otherwise he would release, you know, ten years of tax returns. He’s only released one year of tax returns. That’s a problem.”

Either way, Mitt Romney probably didn’t break the law, but it most likely will show a pattern of lying to the American people about his finances and ultimately speaks volumes that he will do and say anything to weasel his way into the White House. Romney went on “Fox and Friends” this morning to attack Obama for running a “dishonest” campaign. Yawn, haven’t we heard this before when he literally dogged out Newt Gingrich during the primaries? Um, tit for tat.

Politico:  “A campaign based on falsehood and dishonesty does not have long legs,” Romney said on “Fox and Friends,” later adding: “The president only has one thing going, and that is constant attacks on me. They’re dishonest. They’re misdirected. And I think the American people recognize that kind of politics as something of the past. It may work in Chicago, but it’s not going to work across America.”

He also flipped the debate on transparency, saying:

Hot Air: “If we want to talk about transparency, the real issue is, why has this president used his presidential power and executive privilege to keep the information about the Fast and Furious program from being explained to the American people?”

Still no answer on why he won’t release more tax returns or when he left Bain Capital. Of course, Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade just couldn’t bring themselves to asking Romney tougher questions. No surprise there. But what do you expect from Faux News and Gumby? So, what does this mean for black voters? Basically much of the same — nothing. I would encourage you to become versed on the issues and make a judgment call on who would best meet your needs — Mitt Romney vs. Obama. Take a look at the history of each man and judge for yourself who you think would help lower the unemployment rate in the black community and fix the justice system that is stacked against the black community.

How did Mitt Romney’s IRA account get to be so big, considering the government only allows a fairly small amount, relative to his income, to be deposited in such an account on an annual basis.

William Cohan: “The most mysterious of the unexplained mysteries about Mitt Romney’s considerable wealth is how he was able to amass between $21 million and $102 million in his individual retirement account during the 15 years he was at Bain Capital LLC. How did he do it, given the relatively small amounts that the law permits to be contributed to such a plan on an annual basis?”

Mitt Romney not only retroactively retired from Bain Capital, he has a magical IRA too!

Watch Mitt Romney on Faux News:

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