Obama Campaign Releases New Video About Mitt Romney’s Secret Stash

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Romney Campaign Releases Video Asking How Can We Trust Obama, but Couldn’t We Ask the Same Question of Mitt Romney?

The Obama campaign released a new video, slamming Mitt Romney on his secret stash in a Swiss bank account. Believe me, I am not so thrilled with Obama, but I am less thrilled with Mitt Romney. Boooo!

A new Gallup poll found that Mitt Romney’s wealth cost him with one in five voters. According to the poll, 20% of voters, mainly Democrats and independents, say his wealth makes them less likely to vote for him, while four percent say it makes them more likely.

Here’s the video:

The Romney campaign released an ad asking “how can we trust him” meaning President Obama. Um, we could ask the same question of Mitt Romney, how can we trust him? Offshore banks accounts, Bain Capital, Romneycare, stint as Massachusetts governor, affirmative action, tax returns, attacking Obama on attending Ivy League schools yet having attained two degrees from same university, etc. Seems to me Mitt Romney is getting a bit of the same mess he doled out to Newt Gingrich during the primaries.

Mitt Romney campaign video attacking Obama:

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