Obama Campaign Releases New Web Video Slamming Mitt Romney on Offshore Holdings

Mitt Romney Bermuda Offshore Accounts
Obama Campaign Releases New Web Video Slamming Mitt Romney on Offshore Holdings (CD Traveller)

The Obama campaign is joining Democrats slamming Mitt Romney over his offshore accounts, by releasing a new web video, asking the GOP presidential nominee to answer several questions about a newly reported company in Bermuda. Campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt says in the video: “Isn’t it too much to ask that a candidate for president explain why he chose to invest in other countries that are known as tax havens rather than in the United States?”

The same way President Obama’s patriotism was attacked by the right, so too should Mitt Romney’s patriotism to his country. This raises the question of exactly why he doesn’t want to release his tax returns for previous years prior to 2010 and why he won’t release his 2011 returns until closer to the election. Um, to echo a comment directed at then-Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, “if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.” No matter how Mitt Romney evades this discussion, it still stinks, considering he’s running for the highest position in this country.

  • Wow Janet
    The man that is worth about $250 Million has about $30 million in off shore accounts and this is more damning to you than the $1.3 Billion in Federal Deficits that we will run up as a nation in the 2011-2012 fiscal year?

    Vanity Fair said the Romney-related funds are worth as much as $30 million and hidden behind confidentiality disclaimers.

    I am trying to connect to the ‘outrage’ beyond the expected pile on.
    Despite paying $21 million in taxes in one year the Progressive Supremacist Rolling Stone Magazine finds more motivation to attack Mitt Romney than the fact that Obama has dropped far more than $21 million worth of munitions from drone strikes in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.

    I guess it all comes down to what we each VALUE the most, doesn’t it?

    • Constructive Feedback — Again, it doesn’t send the right message that someone running for the highest office in the land has offshore bank accounts all over the place. If Obama had them, the narrative would be the same.