Obama Parade Parody “Obamanation” Sparks Outrage in Huntsville UT

Obamanation parody
Obama Parade Parody “Obamanation” Sparks Outrage in Huntsville UT

A parade entry in the annual Fourth of July parade in Huntsville, UT, sparked outrage over its name, “Obamanation.” The Drudge Report is running with this, most likely implying that we are indeed living through an “Obamanation” or “abomination.”

The float showed a person dressed as President Obama with one sign that read “Huntsville Welcomes Obama’s Farewell Tour?” On the back, another sign said, “Ask about our assault gun plan. Call Eric Holder.”

On one side of the issue, people are saying the float was disrespectful and had no place in a patriotic parade. The other side says it was all in good fun.

Huntsville Mayor Jim Truett and City Council member Laurie Allen say the entry doesn’t reflect the views of the city. They say it was entered at the last minute, not through usual protocol and they would not have approved it if they had seen it. Source

Here we go again….all the haters are coming out of the woodwork as the election campaign heats up. I don’t get it, George W. Bush left the country mired in muck and Obama gets blamed at this juncture? Obamanation? What about Bushanation or Bushapocalypse?

  • They should have crapped on the hood of a police car and threw rocks through the local bank windows. Then we would have Nancy Pelosi saying “God Bless them” and Obama declaring “NATO supports free speech.” Just as they both did with Occupy protesters.

  • smalltown girl

    There was probably 10 people offended out of the hundreds at the parade that day. Whoever took a silly small town float that seriously to call the secret service I think just wanted attention. I was at the parade. One guy went up to the people in charge before it started, complaining it was disrespectful and he would not participate in the parade if they let the parody float participate. Well, they let the Obama parady float remain, and the guy that was SOoooo offended guess what. . . remained in the parade. I just can’t believe this has got national attention. What a crime though-if on all days where we celebrate our right to Freedom-they would have said they couldn’t participate. They made the right choice to let the float in the parade. If you didn’t like it-get over it!