President Obama Descended from First Black American Slave, John Punch, on His Mother’s Side

President Obama descended from first black American slave John Punch
President Obama Descended from First American Slave, John Punch, on His Mother’s Side (

President Obama descended from America’s first black slave, John Punch, on his mother’s side, claims.  John Punch had children with white woman who passed on her free status to them and changed their name to ‘Bunch

DNA analysis and marriage and property records have suggested that Obama is the 11th great-grandchild of John Punch, the first black slave living in colonial Virginia nearly four centuries ago. While it was known that Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, had European ancestors, researchers discovered she also had at least this one African American forebear.

The team from said they lacked definitive proof, but that evidence ‘strongly suggests’ the tie, which two independent genealogists told the New York Times was ‘sound’.

John Punch’s story stretches back to the mid-1600s; he was working as a servant when he escaped Virginia for Maryland in 1640, the Times reported.  Source:  Daily Mail

Well, that’s interesting. Hey, could someone over at help me trace my mother’s family? The Hutchinsons from Haddington, Hanover?

  • Sue

    I’d like to know what kind of DNA testing was done, since this line goes through both males and females. Mitochondrial DNA would only be passed through females, and cannot go from father to daughter, so that is ruled out. Y-DNA goes through the male line, father to son. So what what used? I’m not claiming to be a DNA expert. I know there’s tons of info. about it I don’t know, but it is rather interesting to see the claim that DNA testing was used through this male/female line. This is exactly the reason I haven’t been able to submit DNA to genetically show that I’m related to an ancester of a particular surname I’m interested in b/c the link from that person to me goes through both males and females.

    • Sallybeans

      I wonder if mitochondrial DNA analysis was performed on Obama’s sister to establish the link to Anna Bunch?

  • john

    His mother was 0.1% African IF the man really was a black african slave. And thats IF this man really was her 11th generations ago Grandfather. I would hardly call being 0.1% African as enough to say Obama is descended from slaves…His dark skin is only cause of his father, not his mother.

  • rkm1

    They cannot connect Bunch with Punch; they can only use conjecture, not documented proof. DNA connecting Obama with Bunch is obvious because it is already documented.
    Moreover, Punch was NEVER called a slave, only an indentured servant and he never lived in chains like the real slaves that came over from an African slave ship.

  • kenbet

    This is what they’ve stooped to to try and make African-Americans believe that he is somehow a part of our ethnic group??

    He is a Kenyan-American (or “white american” depending on the day), born to a kenyan father and a white mother.

    He is not African-American and has no interest in committing to our causes.