Romney Campaign Disputes Boston Globe Bain Departure Date Claims

Mitt Romney departure date at Bain Capital is in question and he’s pushing back against a report in the Boston Globe saying he left in 1999 and not 2002 as SEC filings seem to indicate. Who do you believe? A flip-flopper or the SEC documents?

CNN:  “Roberta Karmel, a former SEC commissioner who served during President Jimmy Carter’s administration, said the documents raise questions about Romney’s role at Bain after the GOP contender says he left the company.

“It’s a criminal offense to file a false document with the SEC,” Karmel said. “And if that isn’t true, then he made a false filing, which is something I don’t think he wants to claim.” She continued: “If he listed himself and he was getting paid, he was legally responsible.” “Either you’re the owner or you’re not the owner,” Karmel added. “You can’t have it both ways.”

If Mitt Romney lied on SEC documents, then he committed a felony. That would feed into the notion of why he is stalling on releasing his tax returns from previous years. How do we separate fact from fiction? Damn, the Obama campaign is reportedly saying Mitt Romney is a liar and a potential criminal.