#RomneyShambles: Mitt Romney Greeted by Ron Paul Supporters, Obama Chants in Gdansk Poland

07/31/12–#kissmyass: Romney traveling press secretary Rick Gorka tells reporters ‘kiss my ass’ and ‘shove it’ near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw.

Ron Paul revolution follows Mitt Romney to Gdansk Poland, People Chanting Obama, Obama.

#Romneyshambles:  Mitt Romney’s Polish trip was met with Ron Paul supporters, Buzzfeed reports. LMAO!  Romney’s public appearance in Gdansk was greeted by Ron Paul supporters as evidenced from Twitter. Follow this Twitter URL. This is an embarrassment to America. Not just to the Republicans or Democrats. It’s been a long time since a presidential candidate has been derided in such a manner. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich were right. Mitt Romney is the worst candidate to go up against Obama in the elections. He’s imploding all on his own.

Poland is one of many countries outside the U.S. that, despite never having Paul on any ballots, have Ron Paul contingents. The main website, RonPaul.pl, includes information about Ron Paul’s campaign, primary dates, even the current time in Texas, where Paul is from. The banner: “Kim jest Ron Paul?” (“Who is Ron Paul?”)

The group has garnered 2,000 likes on Facebook. Today won’t be the last we see of them: tomorrow, when Romney will be in Warsaw, there will be a planned demonstration outside his event. source: Buzzfeed

So, no matter which country he visited on his overseas trip, Romney has managed to piss someone off. What a wimp.

[Romney’s] speech on the “values of liberty” at Warsaw University on Tuesday is expected to seek to rekindle the flames of US cold war righteousness by featuring a strong attack on Russia and President Vladimir Putin’s rollback of democratic gains, while also criticising the US president, Barack Obama, for allegedly sacrificing the interests and security of central European democracy in favour of realpolitik with the Kremlin.

Romney has previously described Russia as America’s “No 1 geopolitical foe”, in contrast with Obama, who has sought to press “the reset button” in relations with Moscow. Source: Guardian

Here’s the reaction on Twitter:

Demonstration Planned for Romney in Poland:

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Romney Robot vs Ron Paul Army
    dump the Willard in Tampa Florida

  • pelmo

    Janet isn’t your arm getting sore from all the mud slinging? I am beginning to worry about you and this obsession overy Romney. Between you, MSNBC and the president it appears that all three of you are failing in your attemp to tarnish Romney. It appears the more garbage that is thrown out the stronger Romney gets. It still boils down to the ECONOMY which after more then 3 years of blaming Bush is falling on deaf ears.

    • They don’t have to tarnish Romney, he does that all by himself

    • Nonsense. The Bush economic policies are what created the economic mess in the first place. Since the first year Obama has added 4.3 million jobs as President — compare this to Bush’s record of less than 2 million jobs in 7 years (not counting the first year) … why take out the first year? That’s what Romney himself said would be reasonable — it’s not fair to blame a President for the policies of his predecessor.

      Obama’s policies have been effective and could have been *far* more effective if weren’t for the deliberate sabotage by the Republicans in congress.

    • It’s also important to note that every single thing Romney says is a lie. Everything. He never tells the truth about anything. Ever. He is a liar.

    • Pelmo — If I had been hammering Obama in a similar manner, you would agree. I have been pretty vocal about the things I don’t like about the Obama administration, but the last person I want to see in the White House is an extension of George W. Bush. Romney is an empty suit, albeit an expensive one. He has George W. Bush beaten by a landslide with the gaffes.

      I guess you don’t question his penchant for secrecy. The right wing literally threw the kitchen sink, bathtub and dish washer at Obama, ripping apart every facet of his life. Why should Mitt Romney be held to a different standard?

      You see, I can’t imagine what the Republicans will do to fix what ails this country, when most in Congress, along with many Democrats, gave Bush a blank check to muck it all up.

  • Romney is a sociopath. One of the worst people in the world.